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Carbon T-28

Old 09-29-2019, 10:53 AM
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Okay good people,

Besides Rocketsled666 who I know is going to say NOT to install any more additional items to make the Retracts work better because one is adding more stuff to fail (failure points), I am wondering what the REST of you OUT there have experienced with these Electric Retracts by E-Flite?


Because at the start of initial activation of my Model the Main Retracts will NOT come DOWN so, I can taxi this large & heavy model. Yes, I store this model with GEAR-UP. I would have to disconnect the NOSE Wheel Retract in order to get the MAINS DOWN and then, Disconnect the MAINS and reconnect the NOSE retract so, ALL gears would be in the GEAR-DOWN position.

Not only is this a Hassle but, unnerving from a stand point of flying this model and placing the Retracts in GEAR-UP position as I am NOT certain if they will come back down????:censored:

I have the NOSE Retract and the Mains in a Y-Connector and the Output plug towards the Receiver so, NO separate Battery configuration as of yet.

My QUESTION "IS" does anyone have experienced this issue and if so, how did you solve it?

A Video that I recorded today but, as you can see ALL Operated like it should!

Old 09-30-2019, 10:22 PM
Harvey Mushman
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Cutting the red BEC wire and using a separate 4S 4.8V NiMH for receiver and retracts extended the life of the retracts, but only by a few flights. The retracts don't burn out after doing that, but they stop working after a while. My T-28 has had soft smooth landings every time, never a hard landing. Not so much my flying skill, but mostly due to the plane being very easy to fly. I was getting tired of replacing at least one retract after every 2 or 3 flights. I contacted Horizon again and they would no longer send me replacement retracts. They said the retracts had been improved so I ordered and paid for a complete replacement set. On 4.8V one was dead right out of the bag and one stopped working the very first day I flew. I have been through 7 replacement retracts including the 3 new versions, which look identical to the originals. I gave up after that and ordered a set of Electron ER-30 retracts. Minor mods to get them to fit, but well worth it. Yes, they are expensive, but I was fed up and now I have dozens of flights on my T-28 with no problems at all. Just smooth fast retraction and extension every time. Some people have had better luck than I with their stock T-28 retracts. For others with similar retract issues like I have had I hear the E-Flite retracts work better than the stock retracts and cost less than Electrons. I'm just sharing my experience and wish all the best for Carbon Z T-28 owners as it really is a great flying airplane.
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TIA, I think we've talked at the other place. if I remember correctly you are using the switching that comes with the retract. that has a idiosyncrasy in that if the gear does not trip the switch on the other side of the motion it still is looking to go that way. so if the nose gear is bent enough the wheel hits the top of the wheel well and it shuts down without tripping the switch. my test for this is to pop the gear out if one does not come out I push the wheel into the well from the strut as close to the wheel as I can get a finger. if this is the problem the push will trip the switch and the gear will start to come out under its own power.

at my field we are almost always cross wind, and always from the same direction. so I always have a little side movement when I touch down which eventually bends the mains so the plane is leaning to one side. while my t-28 is not showing any of this yet when it does I will bend them back or the strut that gets bent in will go up and not come down, then when I push on it will come right out.

hope this helps


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