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What did you start with ?

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Default What did you start with ?

Hi all,

A few months back, I picked up a Parkzone Extra 300. I got it because I liked how it looked, even though I was (and still am) new to RCplanes. Many call this an intermediate - advanced plane, but I must say, as a baginner, i dont have any particular problems flying it gently around the park. I smacked a few landings, but nothing major.

Maybe because I played extencively on a simulator a friend lent me for a couple of months, but I honestly dont understand what a "beginer" plane is supposed to do differently. That said, I dont do aerobatics yet (minus simple loops up high), so I assume the "advanced" clasification refers to people wishing to do aerobatics close to the ground, including 3D patterns.

What did you guys start with ?

PS- Just noticed I should have posted this in General thread...sorry ..

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Default RE: What did you start with ?

I sarted with a SR Batteries "Cutie" selected this for many reasons. 1) it's a scratch build and I enjoy the build procees 2) Once you get used to this 3 channel beginner model they have a 4 channel conversion kit that adds alerons to the wings.. was a perfect next step airplane at that point. Later down the line, I added floats. Lots of fond memories!!
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Default RE: What did you start with ?

I started with a HobbyZone Super Cub.....It pretty much flys itself. Once I got serious I destroyed 3 Mini Ultra Stiks in as many flights.....After that I actually fles a Mini Pu...Then another Mini Ultra Stik....From there, it was all down hill. I now fly Extras, Ultimates, Yaks, etc.....All in the .40-.60 size
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Default RE: What did you start with ?

My very first plane was a Hobbico Cub about 10 years ago. This looks like the foam one I see now running 2.4, but mine was just an AM version. I had no other experience ever with rc planes. I followed all the instructions and found a nice big open field. Threw it hard into the wind with full power and it flew about 15 feet and started to bank hard. I couldn't save it, no real damage. I chucked it out a second tim and it went out about 20 feet and banked the other way and drove itself into the ground, My last shot was fatal. I threw it into the wind one last time and it flew straight for about 30 feet but never really got up on its own, it basically fell like it was tail heavy and broke into 3 pieces. I was devastated. It was so underpowered and not having the skills to save it, I sent it back to Hobbico. They were nice enough to send me a vectored plane that enjoyed for the next 3 months till I folded the wing. This is what started my addiction. Now my flying has almost come full circle. Ive flown everything from pattern planes, to large gliders, crunchy electrics, composite slopers, foamys and 3d profiles. My newest favorite plane is a small Wattage Cessna 195. I love the look of scale flying, but wish I had the skills to save that first cessna that would be hanging in my garage along with all my other planes.
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Default RE: What did you start with ?

I started with Flyzone's Cessna 182 RTF.  It didn't last long though. []  On my 5th or 6th flight with it at the park across from my apartment it encountered the ground in dramatic fashion.  The radio that came with it was an FM tramsitter so interference with another individual (had no idea he had shown up) trying to fly his heli about 30 yard behind me was the main casual factor there.  Oh well, it was too late....I was hooked by then and the following day I went to my local hobby shop and bought my first aerobatic plane- a ParkZone T-28.  I've just recently purchased my first 40 size, a Hangar 9 Pulse XT40, and it's my favorite to fly!  I'm searching for my next 40 size now- maybe a P-51.  Foamie park flyers are nice and fun for tight spaces, but seeing a 40 size (or bigger) in the air is pretty impressive. 
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Default RE: What did you start with ?

I started with gliders, then progressed to gas, now into electric sport planes. The classifications loosley mean: Beginer - basic flying, up down left right. intermediate- alerons added for more capabilities, Advanced- DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT WITH IT! I am currentlybuilding a a Cirrus SR 22, almost finished! Can't wait to get it in the air.
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Default RE: What did you start with ?

I started with a GWS tiger moth (not very well) did not really learn to fly till I got a hobbico Eletristar.
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Default RE: What did you start with ?

Carl Goldberg Electra, 1986 - 2 meter sailplane, 6/7 cell nicads, speed 600 brushed.


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