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fly then charge

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Default fly then charge

All my electric equipment has arrived so next week will be my maiden electric flight with the Corsair. I'll initially be running a MotionRC 2200mah 3S 35C Lipo and wonder since I only have one battery for now is it accepted practice to take a few flights then fast charge it then repeat. Knowing 3.8v/cell is pretty much the low limit I will take short flights to familiarize myself with the system and airplane. When I get home I'll do the discharging then storage charge function. I got a new VenomPro2 but in the interim borrowed one from a buddy to learn how to work it. I think I have it down pretty well by now. The Storage charge function takes quite some time so that will be done on off days. Same with the Balance charge and Discharge functions.
Thanks continually for educating me in this electric stuff, I find it fascinating.

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Jennifer Curtis
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I would not maiden a plane on less than a full charge.
It takes time to feel out the plane, and may take a few
approaches before landing.

If the battery runs out before you know how the plane
wants to land, you risk stalling on final approach,
particularly with a Corsair.

I generally only do those short flights at the end of the
day, when I have batteries that have a little juice left
above storage voltage.

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Best to have the battery at full charge prior to any flight.
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On a full charge the flight time will only be 8-10 min. If want the flight to consist of multiple take-offs and landings fine but after about 8 minutes the flight is over and it's time for a fully charged battery. If you push your luck trying to fly multiple flights on one charged battery if will not be good for the battery or the plane.I would recommend buying a few more batteries before going out. Despite what some battery manufactures may state I always charge at 1 or 1.2C and always balance charge to prolong the life of the pack. In my opinion it's not good to fast charge lipos at high C rates.
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As others have mentioned, it's best not to fast charge the lipos. I wouldn't go out with less than 3-4 batteries fully charged. After the first flight, put that battery on a charger (I have one in the car), and then fly the other 3 with breaks in between. Battery prices have come down pretty significantly over the past two years. Lots of vendors to choose from.
Less than $17.00
Less than 16.00.

Both places ship within 24 hours with either free or cheap shipping, priority mail too. You can also try buying used ones here or on RCG. I've never had a problem and it's way cheaper, but the risk is certainly there to get a dud.

Good luck, and have fun.

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