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Ed 02-04-2015 04:52 PM

Calibrating an ESC with Transmitter.
When calibrating a new ESC with a Transmitter, and going from Hi throttle to Low throttle after plugging in your Rx, is it necessary for the motor to be plugged in ? I also assume that the throttle trim should be set to neutral, or centered ?



Rodney 02-05-2015 05:07 AM

You want the throttle trim to be FULL down. If you have to reverse the throttle direction after the first bind, then be sure to rebind after changing it so that the fail safe will be "throttle off".

Ed 02-05-2015 12:48 PM

Thank you Sir, and no motor needs to be plugged in ?

Rodney 02-06-2015 04:45 AM

Originally Posted by Ed (Post 11977333)
Thank you Sir, and no motor needs to be plugged in ?

I've never tried it without the motor being plugged in so can not answer this question. Why would you want to anyway, after all that is what you are using the ESC for and you need to know which way the motor is turning. If it is turning in the wrong direction, you need to interchange any two of the three leads between the ESC and the motor. It is best to have the prop off for initial setup in case it turns on wide open the first time you plug the ESC and battery together.

ArcadeAir 03-28-2015 12:03 PM

I have always had my motor plugged in when calibrating the esc... It is a good idea to remove the prop though.

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