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YLogvin 07-01-2021 12:38 AM

Electric Propulsion Unit For a Light Airplane
Hello, new here.
Although this is an RC Aviation forum, I thought I could find some advice and tips here from plane enthusiasts. Me and my crew are testing an electric propulsion unit for a light airplane, hope to find some advice and ideas here. We have some experience in converting cars to electric power, converting planes presents unique and interesting challenges for us :)
Our tests showed that the 190 kg thrust that we get from our electric setup is enough for the aircraft takeoff and ascent.
We're new to electric aircraft in general, so if you have any useful resources that may be of help, please post them here.

ron_van_sommeren 07-02-2021 03:39 PM

You forgot the video Yuriy. I love the echo of the prop slowing down in the hangar

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