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Hobby Lobby Cobweb 2 ( II )

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Default Hobby Lobby Cobweb 2 ( II )

Ok, some more information about this carbon fiber ( cf ) and rip-stop nylon fliver of a plane.
Actually, I've had fun with it. With enough rudder throw, and when you cut the motor, you can get it to "spin" the tail around, then gun your motor and take off in a new direction. Still, it has conventional enough controls that you have the sensation of "flying" and not just thrust-vectoring a model with outrageous power/weight ratio . With the 8X3.8 prop, it will take-off vertically.

I also posted a long post under another topic from 2003, which you may want to reference. Just search for the few posts by "Chad May" and you should find it.

Now, for some tips:
First off, the small carbon rod which joins the two elevator halves is, imho, a poor design. I have broken it (poor flying skills) and the problem starts when you try to rejoin it. The cf rod I purchased from Hobby Lobby was actually a little larger in diameter than the original, but torques much more easily. This causes the elevator half with the control horn to be rigid (good) but the other half is very, very flimsy, and will twist 35 degrees and put you model in a deadly dive. Has happened to me numerous times. Even with the smaller 7" prop. Even with the motor cut. Maybe some of you have a better way to attach the elevator? On the Bugz version of this plane, the elevator halves have an additional brace which spans both halves at the back of the elevator. The problem there is that the brace will now strike the rudder, unless the rudder is mounted up high, on a pole, so to say.
I've almost finished a v-tail mod to this plane, and I'll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime, if you purchase this plane, be very careful with the elevator. Check for stiffness. The original carbon rod that comes from the factory seems to be much stiffer than the cf I've bought to replace it. I might try a small length of aluminum? What do you think?

In case you like stories of tragedy, I'll now tell you how this problem entertained myself and my buddy:

Well, Donnie's first plane, at my advice, is this Cobweb. He saw mine fly and thought it looked like fun. I built it for him. And, it didn't break until he gave it a good nose-in wack that snapped the elevator joining rod (like the one I've been talking about). So I threaded-and-glued another in it's place. And we went to test it... and every minute of flying that went by, the cf rod became more fexible in torque. Just for the record, the length was short, the glue bond strong and unmoving. I tried to fly it for him anyway, not wanting to disapoint my anxious co-pilot... and then, about 60 feet up, near the trees in my backyard, disaster struck.

A slight gust of wind nocked the nose downward, and I turned left to avoid a tree. I cut the motor to reduce stress on the weakened tail... but too late. The elevator twisted, and that made the plane spin like can only happen with structural failure. And then it inverted, the elevator half snapped, and into the tree it went. I will make a separate post on my MacGyver-ian attempts to retrieve it from the tree.

- Chad May of Nashville TN
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Default RE: Hobby Lobby Cobweb 2 ( II )

OK Chad--what's the latest? I think a V tail would be fun on this airplane, have you tried it yet?
Been flying mine, it's a hoot!!! It just hovers on my power system (MPS-2C with a 7 x 3.5 prop, 3 cell lipoly, 300 mah).
I hope the tree surrendered for ya-----
I appreciate your thoughts on the elevator joiner, will keep an eye on that area for sure.

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