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Winner Hx-232 Chopper

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Default Winner Hx-232 Chopper

I bought one of these last week and got it in the mail yesterday. It works well as far as throttling up and down and left/right rotation. But when I try to go forward/backward on the right stick nothing happens. Does anyone else have one of these or have any of you had a similar problem with a different chopper? The trim tab next to the forward/backward stick doesn't make any difference. There are also 3 potentiometers in the controller, but the manual says to only mess with the middle one, which controls the left/right rotation. I'm not sure what to do about this. I'm hoping I'm just overlooking something simple because I don't want to have to try and return it.
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Default RE: Winner Hx-232 Chopper

do you have pics of it.
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Default RE: Winner Hx-232 Chopper

its the same as the bladerunner helicopter (an illegal copy, technically, but the companies that sell them seem to always forget to mention that )

that heli, and the BR, or any of its other illegal clones will never be able to go faster than a very slow walking speed, some less than that. the design of the heli (the rotor hubs specifically) make it inherently stable, so making it try to go forward is like forcing it to do something it wasnt meant to. the faster the forward speed, the easier the rotors will crash.

one of my friends bought a similar clone like yours, and it never even lifted off the ground. the materials they use to build them, and the quality of the overall heli itself is pretty shabby. the one thing you can do if you're not happy with it (other than returning it) is you can take the electronics out and make an airplane out of it. it would control just like the AeroAce, but better since its full proportional and has a 3rd channel that you could use as an elevator.

the real bladerunner heli's are better overall. they dont go any faster, and the motors dont last as long, but everything is done better (the guy who invented the helicopter sold the rights to ITC, so they have it done properly). speaking of the inventor, you should check out his site, he's created the worlds smallest and lightest RC helicopter (based on the Bladerunner), only 2.5" rotors!

here's one thread on the new Mini BR:
and the big thread on the original BR:

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Default RE: Winner Hx-232 Chopper

I to have a HX-232 winner that my wife brought me for Christams. I had great fun Christmas day until I crashed it and the top rotor blade broke. I live in the UK and have not been able to find anywhere that sells spares. So turning it in to a plane sounds like fun. Any ideas as I would go aout this?

Many thanks in advance.

Happy New Year to one and all.
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Default RE: Winner Hx-232 Chopper

Hi g0,
Micro is right, this type of heli will never move forward/backward at anything more then a crawl. I have a similar heli and have tried everything I can think of to improve forward movement. The only result I get is that the main rotors clash. I have tried larger tail rotor props, nose weights, nose canard wings, etc. I even tried mounting the tail motor/rotor unit so that it was pointed in a rearward direction. No go. The best mods for my heli to date have been the removal of the tail rotor "ring" and a DECREASE in rotor pitch (by bending the blades). I did find that a small, light weight wing (with much pos. incidence) on the tail boom reduced the tendency to "porpoise" or dip up and down.

These helicopters are still good for learning how to take off, hover, land, etc, as well as being inexpensive and durable. Just watch out for main blade chipping (due to rotor clash) and make sure that the brass main rotor ring "fittings" (if so equipped) do not slide out of place. Either will cause the balance to be thrown off, resulting in main shaft shake and heli instability.

When you are confident with the Winner, consider stepping up to a Lama V3 or Blade CX.
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Default RE: Winner Hx-232 Chopper

Jim, br rotors fit, but it seems like you have to switch the blades. I gave mine away. It's very presence annoyed me. Tim

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