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Electric Indoor & Micro RC Flight Talk about this fast growing niche in rc. Micro radios, micro electric or co2 powered planes, heli's both indoors and out.


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ok, so your ready to step it up to the next level of power with your air raptor, but not sure how to go about doing it. well lucky for you theres those of us like myself that cant leave things as is and just have to mod things. heres the steps needed to take to make your air raptor a 5 cell 6.0 volt.

the parts and tools:
a single 1.2 volt 160 mah cell
some electrical tape
soldering iron
wire cutters
2" peice of red wire
heat shrink tubing
external charger( im using the stock charger from my estees blue angels plane)
matching female power plug for the charger

ok so lets get to it, first your going to need to remove the grey plastic peice from the bottom of the plane, this peice is what has your power switch on it. there are no screws holding this peice in, simply get your finger under one edge or the other and gently pull it out.

once removed you'll see your battery at the rear of the plane, your going to need to remove the battery by cutting the power wires to it. note: you will notice that there is a blue wire that runs off of the power wire. your going to want to cut the power wire between the battery and the solder contact point. once the battery is out, use some scissors and cut away the blue plastic covering the battery. you should now see where the positive and negative wires are soldered to the ends of the cells. now take your 5th cell and tape it onto the stock cells so the the negative end of the new cell is on the same side as the positive end of the stock cells. now cut the positive wire on the stock cell just long enough to reach the negative end of the new cell, so that it goes about halfway across the bottom. strip the wire, and solder it onto the bottom of the new cell. now it should be positive to negative. now take a peice of red wire and solder it to the psoitive end of the new cell. using some tape, wrpa the new 5 cell battery up so that none of the contacts are exposed.

now your going to take the female end of the charge plug and strip the ends of the wires. you will also need to strip the ends on the wires on the battery. now connect the positive to positive and negative to negative bu twisting them together. next your going to strip the ends of the wires on the rx (receiver board) and slide roughly a 1 inch peice of heat shrink tubbing over them. after the heat shrink tubbing is on again connect positive to positve, and negative to negative, and then slide the heat shrink tubing over the bare spot on each wire. using a lighter, pass the flame back and forth over the heat shrink tubing somewhat quickly until it shrinks down and is tight over the wires.

lastly you will need to make a small cut in the grey plastic piece on the bottom of the plane just large enough to slip the new charge plug through. after making the cut and sliding the new wire through you can reinsert the battery into the battery compartment and insert the grey peice back into the plane.

congratulations you now have a 5 cell air raptor.

im not trying to take credit for this in any way just posting the steps needed to do it as i have done.

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