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DeaninMilwaukee 02-07-2012 04:45 AM

Parkzone Polecat Ultra Micro Parkflyer first flights!

After an agonizing 2 week wait to return to the gold dome, I finally got to test fly my brand new Parkzone Polecat micro parkflyer Saturday night. I have to admit I was nervous. There were quite a few pilots there, with sometimes more than 10 planes airborn atonce,and there seemed to be anawful lot of midair collisons happening. I really didn&rsquo;t want to trash my shinynew toy the first time out.What I wound up doing is waiting till later in the night when the skys were less crowded to at least minimize the risk. Still, I was nervous. The Polcat is avery small and fast plane, and its color scheme isn&rsquo;t the best for the fairly dim lighting that our dome offers. I was concerned I might lose orientation when it was further away and crash.</p>

The the flying report: Takeoff was easy, required very little rudder correction and smoothly flew itself off the groundwhen speed got high enough. I did a few laps to see how the plane responds to control inputs, and found it was responsive but stable, and required one click of down elevator to fly level at 1/2 throttle. I did a few rolls and some brief inverted flight, found it predictable, and hit full throttle for the first time to trya little loop. The plane accelerated quickly and the little loop quickly became a great big loop that I actually had to reign in before ithit the ceiling. This plane has amazing vertical, far better than any of my other little one cell ships. Next up to try what this plane was made for, hot laps around the dome. Iwent full throttle and left it there, and used aileron and elevator only to scribe a smooth level path around the domes perimeter. I quickly noticed that the elevator became overly touchy for this sort of flight, making smooth corners difficult. I knew I had the battery all the way back inits slot, so I landed, ( very easyto land, just greases right in), andremounted the battery all the way forwards instead. This helped alot, making it much easier to do smooth corners, but it still is tough to be consistantly smooth as the elevator just has too much power. If someone would want to race this plane, to be competitivedual rates would be necessary to reduce control throws.</p>

On the tach, I saw 6900 rpm that dropped to a steady 6800 rpm after a minute or so. According to Parkszone, the polcats prop is a 130x70mm, so at 6800 rpm thats about an 18 mph pitch speed. You can hear it revving higher in flight though, and I would guess the planes probally flying in the low 20 mph range. I think there is room for a higher pitched prop to increase speed, perhaps something like a GWS 4.5&times;4 or 4&times;4 would push the speed up more without overloading the motor.</p>

All that being said, this is an outstanding little sport plane with an amazing amount of speed for something in this size and power class, and I fully expect it will do well outside in the wind as well.</p>


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