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Joseph Frost 06-30-2022 12:34 AM

Micro light profile
My first atempt to build micro light indoor model ended up slightly heavier than would like at 150 grams AUW, so I have ended up flying it out doors. What a gratious performer for slow-low and very close fun, just love it.
Great lesson curve, next one I'm currently working on will be hopefully at 100 or near to fly even slower and closer.
My first atempt to build as light as possible.
Depron cut out wheels to keepit light.
Sorting out the best prop to suit.
Magic to fly it.
Ugly but great performer.
Dead calm flier.

Joseph Frost 07-03-2022 12:45 AM

Another twilight session with "Dead Calm150", most enjoyable.
Under new spell, "Dead Calm150".

Joseph Frost 07-05-2022 12:02 AM

Twilight footage of "DC150".
(Dead Calm150 twilight run)

perttime 07-05-2022 09:14 PM

For going even lighter, where is the weight to remove?
Apparently indoor aerobatic competitors get down to ridiculous weights. Carbon frames, 1S power systems, servo cases cut off....

Joseph Frost 07-05-2022 09:54 PM

Using lighter power set up, is the first thing, secondly, watching every gram of dead weight during frame construction. I'm already starting to feel a little worried about the AUW of my next one, but, if it will be heavier than planned, it will have much larger flying area of some 36+dm to slow it down even further than my first one at some 26.
We have a serious problem down here obtaining any parts for these type of models to build, so I have to be realistic to use anything on hand.
We just lost the HK after more than a decade of great service to RC hobby so the shortage of parts is becoming an issue.
Halve as light landing gear is a good start.

Joseph Frost 07-06-2022 12:06 AM

9 grams so far, if I manage 120g, AUW my loading will be only 3.3g.

Joseph Frost 07-08-2022 01:33 AM

Delicate cut out of the 20dm main wing ended at 9 grams with out foil.
Ready for foil layout.

Joseph Frost 07-09-2022 12:42 AM

My latest creation is coming up nicely, 30 grams so far.
Preparation of the profile fuse.
Coming along.

Joseph Frost 07-10-2022 01:09 AM

My latest creation is taking up shape after being stuck together, 85x95cm, span/length, 35 grams so far with few CF spars fitted to hold it in shape. Lot more to add to maki it riggid.
All the parts complete and covered.
Made up timber rig to keep it in shape

Joseph Frost 07-11-2022 01:22 AM

Getting riggid by the minute by adding few more CF stiffeners, bit of a handle on the work bench so hopefuly it will be easier in the air, LOL.
Motor mount former is in place for the very light power plant, with piddly little soldering job to change all the micro servo leads to micro JST ones to suit the 2 gram/6ch. micro receiver.
The lighter you build it the more complex, and real pain in the neck! LOL.
Carbon Fiber reinforcements in progress.
Micro soldering, part of the build.
Ail. servo with made up long arm in place.

Joseph Frost 07-12-2022 02:19 AM

Further progress, all controls are hooked up taking big part of the day as all tiny bits and pieces like control horns, guides for control push rods etc. have to be scratch build.
All tab controls hooked up.
Size comparison to my "DC150", 10dm larger frame.

Joseph Frost 07-13-2022 01:06 AM

Few more touches to finish it off, heavier than expected but being so much larger there was no way with my avail gear to make it any lighter. 6+ meters of CF, heavy duty H/ware for reliability all adds up.
Haven't got the right prop to suit the tiny motor yet, currently fitted with cut down 8x4.7 from 10", after first static test run it seems to hold its mass on 1/2 stick with use of 2S/300mA lipo.
Few final touches, with made up Ail. links.
Just about fully fitted out.

Joseph Frost 07-16-2022 02:14 AM

Delight to fly after couple of test flights to start with, I like it.

Joseph Frost 07-18-2022 03:04 AM

Short footage of test flight.
(Dead Calmer144 maiden)
Hoping to slow it down further with brakes on all control tabs.
Fully fitted out with new brakes, still waiting for correct prop.

Joseph Frost 07-27-2022 09:59 PM

Even my 3rd. atempt is heavier than expected, but being a double winger and largest so far, 40 grams of more weight shouldn't matter. Almost ready for a test run.
Latest addition to my micro fleet.

Joseph Frost 07-29-2022 01:18 AM

I got a pretty bad run with smaller BI's, some I have scratch build over the years were absolute dogs to handle. I expected this one to be a gem right from the start but my first outing last night ended up in disaster crashing it only seconds after rotation, throwing a huge spanner into my works to sort out what happened.
I normaly record my maidens but it was too dark during late twilight hours and rushing up to get it airborne during dead calm, bugger!

Joseph Frost 07-30-2022 10:13 PM

My latest project "DDDC200", (weight upgraded from intended 175), is all sorted out after rather stressful maiden flight ending in the crash LANDING WITH SOME LANDING GEAR DAMAGE. More carbon fiber to stiffen it up, motor thrust re-set fixed it all, to another magic flying model at dead calm twilight hours. Just love it.
My spectacular flying micro outdoor fleet.

Joseph Frost 08-06-2022 01:57 AM

Daily micro fun.
Absolute magic.
Finishing the day off.
Twilight glow.

Joseph Frost 08-11-2022 01:05 AM

My latest delicate creation just about ready for flying action, ended up lot heavier than expected but good and solid for outdoor flying at 4.5g/dm loading.

Joseph Frost 08-12-2022 12:36 AM

Great maiden test flight with my latest creation, little breezy for this one this arvo but I can see lot of comming fun with it for 'slow-low-close' action. I like it despite somewhat heavier than expected.
Another delicate creation from my studio is airborne.

Joseph Frost 08-13-2022 02:13 AM

Another outing with my latest creation, I like it.
Another delight to fly.

Joseph Frost 09-07-2022 01:53 AM

My latest, lightest addition at 122g AU.
Never ending fun with these.
Breezy hover.

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