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rahtware 10-24-2002 10:14 AM

Desert Duster
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I scratch built this from an article for a 1/4 scale version. It is 1/8 scale with a 36" wingspan. It is coming in at 6.5 oz which would give a wing loading of 4.6 oz / sq. ft. I am powering it with a GWS IPS-DX-2 that should give 4.34 oz of thrust.

Still working out the bugs, wing attachment, pull - pull control system, but should have it in the air in a week or two.

flyinrog 10-27-2002 12:53 PM

Desert Duster
looks great, maybe a GWS cowl painted to match, any how, I have no patience for scratch building, wish I did, cant hardly do a kit , prefer a ARF but cant afford........Rog

rahtware 10-28-2002 11:55 PM

Desert Duster

The most expensive thing on the DD is the (lightcoat) covering.

As to scratching... I have some foam I got free and a 280 motor that I am thinking of combining into something to fly. I think I could build it in a weekend and spray it with Rust-o-leum.

Scratching doesn't have to be costly in time or money. some of my favorite planes have been free or close to it.

Good flying

rahtware 10-30-2002 02:29 PM

Desert Duster
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My DD is done! She came in just under 7 oz. RTF with a WL of 4.92 oz. per sq. ft.

Did a test "taxi" and she jumped into the air so still have some bugs to work out.

Hope to have flight photos on Sunday.

The other bird is my Slow Stick (16 5/8oz.).

rahtware 11-02-2002 06:52 AM

Desert Duster
Figured out the "jumped into the air" problem... cg, CG, CG!!!

Out of old habits I had balanced it on the middle spar... the spar that I added to strengthen the wing... The spar that wasn't on the original plans!

Now, with the flight battery 2+ inches forward of where it used to be, the DD glides off the ground with ease, Landings are "greased" in with just a slight touch of the elevator stick.

This was just on a test "taxi" in the street in front of my house. I still hope to actually fly it on Sunday, and will post an "in flight" picture if I can take one.

rahtware 11-09-2002 03:25 AM

Desert Duster
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Most of the bugs are worked out. Next, I am going to change the way I attach the flying wires as they go slack. Other than that she flies great.

The first flight didn't go very well and she only stayed airborne for about a minute. I am new to "modern" E-flight and didn't realize how important it is to charge a NiMh just before using it.

The next day I changed the prop and with a fresh charge got in a 5+ minute flight before I had to bring it in. I was flying at a local airport and had told them I would probably only be in the air for a couple of minutes!

Any way, here is my Desert Duster climbing out after about 30'.

rahtware 11-18-2002 03:42 AM

Desert Duster
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DD update

I now have around six flights on my DD and the best time so far is 8min. That is outdoors in a stiff breeze. She handles so well that today I handed the sticks over to a fellow flyer so I could snap some pictures.

Here is a low fly-by.

rahtware 11-18-2002 03:44 AM

Desert Duster
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Cruising over head.

rahtware 11-18-2002 03:49 AM

Desert Duster
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About as far away as I let her get so far.

I'm still a bit nervous about the tiny micro antenna I installed in the fuselage.

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