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dsan1 01-12-2002 11:03 PM

UPDATE-3.75gram Airborne RC System
RFFS100 Answers
Hi Everybody,

1) JR/Airtronics-Clarence says that, based on preliminary tests, he believes that he can provide JR/Airtronics compatible systems. His tests have been strickly "lab" tests with "electronics wizard testing stuff" (my words), but results look good. He does not yet have access to a JR or Airtronics transmitter to do "real world" tests.

2) 36mhz-he is planning tests soon to accomodate those R/Cers "down under" as long as they are on FM type transmitters.

3) Ailerons: The RFFS100 can control an aileron/elevator airplane by using two "micro servos" in parallel on the ailerons plus one on the elevator.

4) The first batch of the new series of crystals (some channels-but not all yet) have arrived and "work perfectly".

5) About half of the first run of populated PCBs have been shipped to Clarence's secret workshop (in a motorhome-somewhere deep in the sunny south) with an ETA of next Tues or Wed.

6) The Micro Servo coils manufacturer is still saying "end of January".

7) Both AFF and DU will be stocking the recommended KP00 geared motors & U80 props. Motor/Prop Comb price: $18.00

8) AmericanFunFly co's website has been updated in the the last couple of days-check it out. (please be careful where you step while there as there is a lot of stuff "still under construction".

7) Bob (and any others who need to know) - Did you receive our intro letter with instructions as to how to place an order, yet? If not, let me know at: dsanfor1@twcny.rr.com

8) We have deposits for close to 60 systems as of today.

Thanks for your interest!


dsan1 01-24-2002 02:13 AM

3.75gram 3ch System-Shipping Early!
Hi - Forget "mid February"!!!

We have been informed that the RFFS100 systems should start shipping by the middle of next week.

Over the next three days, I will be emailing everyone who has a deposit in with my company, American FunFly Co, for a system. I'll be asking that you submit the balance due plus shipping plus extra $ for any extra "micro servo" kits, KP00 motors and/or props, crystals, etc. that you want.

If you have a deposit with me (American FunFly Co.) and you have not heard from me via email by this Saturday evening, please send me a note to make sure there is no problem.

If you had planned to place a deposit on a system, but did not get around to it, get in touch with me ASAP, as I still have a few unspoken for order slots left of the first production run.

Finally, if you have an interest in flying a three channel model that weighs 20grams (2/3 of an ounce) up to about 2oz that will fly in tiny spaces, write me and I'll send you a letter about the new RFFS100 system.

Check out our website, we have added new info and photos this week.



dsan1 01-24-2002 05:46 AM

News Flash! 48hr Address Change
Hi All,

We have been updating our website tonight, however I just learned that because we are converting the site to a pay type host (no Ad banners) we have to go through a 48 hour www update process to get our normal americanfunfly.com to be redirected to the right location.

So....for the next 48 hours you can still view our website by going to: http://afunfly.topcities.com

Sorry for the inconvenience.

http://afunfly.topcities.com (for the next 48hrs)

Happy lite Landings!

dsan1 01-27-2002 10:30 PM

RFFS100 Update
Hi All,

A message for everyone who is in line for one of the first systems.

I posted a note last Wednesday that it looked like the first shipments could begin as soon as this coming Wednesday. I said I would contact everyone on the list via e-mail by Saturday evening about sending the remainder of their payments.

I delayed sending all those letters because the vendor producing the coils for the "micro servos" was supposed to deliver them to DU by Friday, but they didn't arrive. Clarence at DU contacted me to let me know that the vendor had some delay ("nothing serious") that caused them to miss Friday, but they say they "should ship by Monday".

My email/internet access has been unavailble since yesterday AM so I could not post this note sooner. Now that the system is back up, I have tons of email. If you are one of those folks, I'll be responding to your mail tonight and tomorrow. Hang on, I'll get to you.

Once DU has the parts, they will pack and ship system components in a bulk shipment to us at American FunFly. It looks like we will begin packaging individual systems by the weekend and then begin shipping them out, based on order priority and channel availability.

I will send the "pay the balance" letter as soon as DU confirms that they have received the coils. Sorry for the delay, but we will still be ahead of the original "mid February" target.

Thanks for your patience.


American FunFly co
btw: The updated website is up now.

dsan1 02-07-2002 03:10 AM

Under 1oz R/C Model News Flash!
To all who have deposits in place with American FunFly on the new RFFS100 systems:

We are expecting to receive our first bulk shipment by the end of this week (or by Monday). We will then begin to break down the order into individual orders, based on order priority, channel availability and whether "paid in full".

If you have not yet remitted the balance due on your order or wish to add on to your order, please go to our website for instructions.

If you have not ordered, but want to, please check out our newly updated website:




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