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EF1 pylon racing....

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Default EF1 pylon racing....

hey guys.... i realize you have bin posting for awhile about this class, but i havnt the time to read all 100 pages! lol
so some of my concerns may have been discussed already... but please inform me of something i have missed....

so i got word (via internet) about this new class of racing. Now pylon is all but dead in southern ontario and thereis still a couple of us that have the need for speed and competition. this new class sounds like it could be the re start we need!

The UPRC was a very successful race club that died out because of, mostly, cost! we ran rossi's for Q500 and SuperTigers/ OS for F1 very affordable motors...but when nelson came out, you couldn't compete without a nelson engine for obviuos killed our circuit! now dont get me wrong, i love the nelson motor! a few of us bought the motors and continued on and had our eyes opened with the new competition in the CAPS circuit (miss you guys) .....the best races of my life were with that motor...but 400 bucks for a motor eliminates alot of people from racing. so my concerns are how is this new class going to police, so to speak,motors/batteries ect...

My 2 cents (for what its worth)
there needs to be a "cap" on teams do it, and its simple. I realize that there is a hundred motors out there that say thay are the same, but lets be honest...the price tag says alot about what your getting.... so there would have to be a "approved" list of motors/batteries... anything outside of that would not be allowed. keeps people honest

kits... now i have been looking for a kit to buy, and realize this class is in its infantsy, and there is only a couple out there. I really want the shoestring (circus circus white one that i saw in a pic) but havnt found a kit.... but then i heard that overseas companys are going to make ARF's? that sucks! look at the Pogo... they will all look the same! I dont know about you, but i like to do my own schemes, and back in the good ole F1 meant something to put the extra effort in your schemes to get a better starting position.... you know what one is yours, and so do the course workers.
I realize that its tough to compete with the cost of an ARF... but there has to be another way... for insatnce... sell the plans/cores/ and plastic/fiberglass could bring the price down a bit from 125 to maybe 75? just a thought....

ED me out here! lol

these are only concerns, as i have been involved in pylon since the mid 80's (im 34!) so almost my whole life! but know all to well what works, and what kills a race class or any interest that fellow modellers that might be intersted in racing!.

any help on finding my shoestring would be appreciated... not the old round wing tip one... the one that has squared tail/tips...
I have a laser cutter at work so could make my own with plans, but could really use the cowl/pants... i can even cut my own cores....



Cory Paine
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Default RE: EF1 pylon racing....

Hi Cory Myself or Ed can help you out with all theinfo you need. Check your PM on Rccanda.


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