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jplot 03-18-2017 01:30 PM

A new futaba 6 channel tx creating new problems for me
I am an old guy and that is the reason for the capital letters.

I have been away from helicopters since sicknesses set in about seven years ago but am feeling better now and wanting to get back into it.

My problem at present is a new futaba transmitter and i am reading the manual and it speaks of ---linking--which i am assuming is there term for--binding.

The trouble is in there instructions manual, they tell me to press on the sw switch on the receiver. I can find no such switch on my horison 230s. I take it that that is the way to majicaly connect the units but no dice.

I have not gotten to mty align 50o, but i recall no switch on its receiver.

Appreciate hearing from anyone who can straighten me out.


rotordoc1 03-20-2017 05:29 PM

The link/binding instructions are for binding to a Futaba 2.4G receiver and any that use the same protocol. Check if the receivers you are trying to bind to are compatible. I do not think AHorizon or Align receivers are compatible. I think they use the Spectrum protocols.

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