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rdt45 11-26-2003 11:44 PM

Cooked my bird...Ain't even Thanksgiving yet
After replacing my Aero Hawk motor with a Graupner speed 300(6v), I was hovering around the garage when a chip burned on the board. Now I wish to replace the board.....but with what one? I was thinking of the Ikarus Piccoboard. Will this work properly with the speed 300? I would also like to change the tail motor.

VinceHerman 11-27-2003 07:57 AM

RE: Cooked my bird...Ain't even Thanksgiving yet
I hate the idea of replacing one multi-component board with another multi-componnent board. Go seperates! CSM HLG200 head hold gyro is $90. tail ESC $25. Main ESC a bit more. Then if any component fails, you replace that one componnent.

tomflier 11-27-2003 10:17 AM

RE: Cooked my bird...Ain't even Thanksgiving yet
I would go seperates also...

If you don't have a radio with revolution mixing then you will need a Heading Hold(other wise a HH gyro will not be NEEDED). I'm not sure how good it works since the Gyro has to Control the tail on its own.(the tail will not automattically spin up when you spin up the Main rotor so the Gyro will have to do all the work.

I have herd about quite a few people doing this so I'm sure it works.


rdt45 11-27-2003 04:38 PM

RE: Cooked my bird...Ain't even Thanksgiving yet
I was thinking going separates but since I'm new to the hobby and limited in my electronics knowledge I am attempting to keep it as simple as possible and still be successful. Also with it being an Aero Hawk I am trying to keep the cost within reason until I become better and upgrade to a better bird. What sites have the best pricing?...Thanks for the replies...Bob T.

khmoe 11-27-2003 06:38 PM

RE: Cooked my bird...Ain't even Thanksgiving yet
I bought a IRF7456 chip from an electric componen store, this is much better than the orginal chip. Because the Original chip can only handle 8A, while the new chip can handle 16A, i bought this chip, because i'm thinking of going for a 3cell lipoly, and the chip would have burnt off. A swedish site called EZFLY.com sugested this chip, because they have tested it and it works.

Why buy somthing expensive, when a better chip that handles everything costs about 3-5$.

oki doki

darkside212 11-29-2003 11:15 AM

RE: Cooked my bird...Ain't even Thanksgiving yet
this will show you everything http://helihobby.com/html/separate_electronics.html

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