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Spazstic1 02-17-2009 09:19 PM

Innovator MD530
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Hello everyone. Robert here...just signed up a few days ago...and apparently, I unintentionally stepped one someones toes in their own thread...I'm not here to "compete" with anyone nor am I an expert by any means, I'm just here to share my knowledge, what ever little bit that may be, in hopes that someone out there might find it useful enough to warrant getting into the hobby. I'm in the hobby for fun, and for the love of the world of R/C. I'm married, in my early 30's, no kids, live in sunny South Florida, been into r/c surface models for 20+ years, just started with the "airborn" models about a year ago...and I'm the lead repair tech at South Florida's largest Hobby Shop..... www.hobbysuperstore.com ..... ok ok...enough about me...onto the fun stuff!!!

Brand new from Thunder Tiger.. The Innovator MD530 and Innovator EXP. This post concerns the MD530, as the EXP models have no arrived at our store yet.

From what I can tell, the MD530 is the perfect platform for the switch from co-axial helicopters to CCPM heli's. First off, here are some of the stats of the new heli....

Full Length of Fuselage: 650mm/25.6in
Full width of Fuselage: 135mm/5.3in
Total Height: 265mm/10.4
Main Rotor Diameter: 712mm/28.0in
Tail Rotor Diameter: 150mm/5.9in
Gear Ratio: 1:1 : 4:95
Full equip weight: 840g/29.6oz/1.85lbs
Rotor Blade: Foam Blade
Stabilizer: STD Version
Motor: 3700KV
Battery: 3S1P 1800mAh / 15C
Speed Control: 35A

Now onto to the stuff that matters... I personally have not flown very many rc helicopters, so my comparison will be based off the units I've personally used, which are the E-Flite Blade CX2, E-Flite Blade 400 3D, Walkera Dragonfly #60, Blade CP Pro. I, unfortunately, started with the Walkera, not knowing anything about co-axials. Needless to say, the walkera is still sitting in the garage. It's been in the air once. 5 inches off the ground, tiped to the right, blamo go the blades, and some other small plastic parts for the head.. I was then introduced to co-axials. I've had all the models in the E-Flite CX series. After modding my cx2 for better performance, I flew the crap out of it till I mastered it. Once I did, I felt it was time to move into a CCPM heli. I decided on the Blade 400 rather than getting the walkera back up and running. I made a training gear kit for the 400 and off I went. Started with the basics... hovering, side to side, blah blah...the "norm".. It was tricky, and yes, there were quite a few "mishaps", but I finally got the hang of it. I'm now able to "scale" fly the heli. I know the 3D stick movements from using the simulators, but I haven't tried anything on a real model yet.

Three weeks ago, we got our shipment of Innovators. 6 of them to be exact. #1 came to me, next 4 went out the door faster than we could blink, leaving 1 model left. Upon opening the box, I was somewhat dissaapointed with the packaging. 2 molded hard cardboard halves with 1 small piece of foam for the transmitter. Neither the battery, transmitter or the helicopter had any form of shock proofing in the box. I then found a folded peice of paper in the small plastic bag which read: Quick- Setup Procedure ...hahah nothing "quick" about that guide....

The transmitter is a basic 6 channel 2.4Ghz transmitter. Runs on 8 AA batteries, or a rechargable pack offered by T.T. The MD530 must be used with it's own transmitter...unfortunately... It's tied into the programming in the helicopter. The sticks feel like they have more tension than the Spektrum DX6i, and the E-Flite CX series transmitter. The on/off switch could have been designed better. Press it, radio turns on, hold it down till the radio turns off. It does off an auto shut off though, after I believe 2-3 minutes of no stick movements, it will shut off.. The helicopter has a similar feature.. You're guess is as good as mine whether the heli will be available in a BNF version.

Once you fully understand how to setup the helicopter, the entire process is "Quick". Unfortunately, the guide is somewhat confusing, esp when it comes to the LED and Buzzer. I've made two VERY amateur videos of the entire "auto set-up feature", and the "starting procedure".. Links are below... Please forgive me...they are made with an old camera and my shaky hand. :(

After messing around with that first unit for less than 24 hours, we found it to be defective. A problem with the sensor in the helicopter. I exchanged it for the last model we had in the store. I've now flown 15 full battery packs without a single issue. During this process, I found out, the battery has to always been near fully charged for the helicopter to "start". I noticed, after hovering in the store for 45 secs, if I remove the battery and try again 5 minutes later, the helicopter will not start, and I'll get a very annoying error LED and buzzer. Always make sure your battery is topped off before each and every flight.

When I first powered up the helicopter, the very first thing I noticed was the lower rotor head speed. Which immediately threw me off, being used to the speed of the Blade 400. I raised the throttle trim, started to move the collective up and just like my cx2, it lifted straight off the ground and hovered 4' off the ground with no right stick input from me. Granted, this was in the back room of our store, which has no wind. As soon as the blade wash hit the heli, it started moving to the side. I gave it a little opposite aileron and back to hover.. Apparently, the stabilizer on the MD530 works mainly for the elevator control, where you push the elevator stick forward and release it quickly and the heli will go back to level flight. The aileron stabilizer isn't as sensitive. The heading lock gyro works flawlessly, and it's been well tested....in winds up to 13mph. It's this hovering "assistance" that makes the MD530 anything like a co-axial. As far as normal level flight, the MD530 is like any other CCPM helicopter, only much smoother... The system comes preset with two flying modes. Indoor(1500rpm) and Outdoor(1800rpm). On indoor mode, the dual rates and expos are set extremely low, the helicopter feels very sluggish and unresponsive. Outdoor mode sets the dual rates and expos quite a bit higher. I've been able to demonstrate the helicopter inside the store on outdoor mode. The movements of the helicopter are no where near as fast as the Blade 400.

This past sunday was my units maiden outdoor flight....with altitude and speed I mean... ;) I was very pleasantly surprised. This thing handles like a dream... And man does it look nice flying around. It's very easy to fly this machine. I flew it with about 4-5mph winds and had no issues. It's a very forgiving helicopter... Pirouettes are not an issue to the helicopter either. Now remember, this bird will not fly as fast or move as fast as some of the main 450 size helis on the market. It will however move around quite quickly so don't get me wrong and think it's as slow as a co-axial. At this point, I only wish I would have gotten the MD530 before I purchased the Blade 400. I'm not sorry I bought the Blade 400, I just wasn't ready for it.

I honestly believe this helicopter is going to do exactly what it's supposed to do.... get more people flying.

Here are a few comparison pics and the links to the very bad videos. :)

Attachment 2238678
Attachment 2238679
Attachment 2238680
Attachment 2238681
Attachment 2238682
Attachment 2238683

Living room Flight... Indoor and Outdoor modes...


Auto Set-up Procedure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8_WA...eature=channel

Starting Procedure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVfOL...eature=channel

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post. As I said, I'm no expert, but I'll do my very best to answer any questions anyone has.

Hope to hear from ya!!

esmoglo 02-23-2009 06:43 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
Very nice post I really like the bird. I have my name on the waiting list locally and Hobby shop they will be getting more in sometime in March. How easy is it to fly VS the Blade 400? It looks really easy in the videos. Also I have not seen any parts yet for this heli like blades and extra Lipos. Any ways keep up the good work. Sunrise I see I am in Pembroke Pines. Now if they have night blades for this thing that would be really cool!


Spazstic1 02-23-2009 08:11 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
Hey Angelo, thanks for the nice comments. :) The MD530 is incredibly easy to fly... It's movements are no where near as fast as the Blade 400. As far as parts go, we got a few items left at our shop... Main rotor blades, booms, spindle shafts...etc.. Supposedly, when we get our shipment in March, they're supposed to be coming with more parts...including batteries.. I haven't seen any night blades yet for this heli, nor do I think any will be available... Probably going to be difficult to wire, foam blades with lights... Which hobbyshop do you have you name on the list??


esmoglo 02-23-2009 10:31 PM

RE: Innovator MD530

Hey I am on the list at Warrick Custom Hobbies in plantation I think I am the fourth one on the list. No rush the heli is hot right now and I am sure it will cool off when the newness wares off. I cant wait a new toy in the toy box very soon.


Spazstic1 02-23-2009 11:27 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
Well then.... since that's the case.....why don't you stop by sometime this week and I'll personally show it to you. :)

Ask for Robert... I'll be in the very back of the store. :)

esmoglo 02-23-2009 11:31 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
Sure will thanks.


Spazstic1 02-28-2009 12:08 AM

RE: Innovator MD530
Just wanted to drop a line and say hi.... 30 flights on my Innovator and not one single issue... Spoke with our distributor today... We'll have spare batteries and the Software by the end of next week!!

To those of you close to the Fort Lauderdale area.... Come out and join us at the Markham Park Fun-Fly at night!! Tonight!!!! Feb 28th!! Starting around 6-7... Free to fly, just bring your AMA card, your aircraft and a smile!!

Take care everyone!


bad400 02-28-2009 01:06 AM

RE: Innovator MD530
so how much is this beast going for
is that a lock-n-load battery
and with the radio being so plain is it simple to set up, can you change head speed`s and pitch curves

Spazstic1 02-28-2009 09:16 AM

RE: Innovator MD530
Hey Bad400.... We're selling these at 575.99 out the door... Dunno what you mean by lock and load battery....

As far as set up goes, it's extremely easy, as the helicopter sets itself up in 3 minutes. The software that's coming next week, will allow us to adjust head speed, pitch curve, expo's, dual rates....all kinds of things...

Thanks for the comments!!


Spazstic1 02-28-2009 07:14 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
Just a quick note before I head out to tonight's fun-fly... Had our resident painter "tint" my windows today... :) During the process I took pics while the body was off the helicopter...



Can anyone guess what the 3 position switch on the side of the heli where the PC plug is, that's labeled "I J S" is for?

Hong Weibing 03-02-2009 12:05 AM

RE: Innovator MD530

A mate told me the I J S switch allows you to select which type of transmitter you are using with the helicopter. Some peeps out there may prefer to fly with their own radio instead of the one bundled with the Innovator.

I= Innovator & Futaba
S= not idea

My friend could be pulling my leg, but it somehow makes sense. Hope it helps.


bad400 03-02-2009 01:38 AM

RE: Innovator MD530
s} i think would be for spektrum like the dx6i

as far as lock-n-load battery i mean it looks like the yellow tray is where the battery would slide into.
does the battery have plug`s on it or does it have pin conectors
like say the batteries on the blade mcx

Spazstic1 03-02-2009 10:51 AM

RE: Innovator MD530
Hey guys.....You both are correct... ***WARNING*** DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE ANY OTHER RADIO OTHER THAN THE ONE THAT IT COMES WITH!!! T.T. will be releasing a module that will allow us to use different transmitters... No idea when, I just know it'll come out sooner or later..

As for the battery, yes, it slides into the tray, under the nose of the fuselage.

Here's the battery and charger.... the inside of the yellow tray on the MD530 has the same plugs as the charger...


Happy Flying!!

esmoglo 03-02-2009 02:54 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
Hey Robert how was the night fly? I missed it sucks. By the way I got the call my bird is ready for pick up. WOO HOO for me. But I will not be back in town on Friday. I hope they hold my bird? I will call Terry or you so my bird is safe until Friday when I can pick it up.


esmoglo 03-02-2009 02:56 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
Hey when is the next night fly any ways?

eddr50 03-02-2009 02:58 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
Spazstic1, I have had the innovator for a while and have a question for you,don't these lipo's need balance??....eddr50

Spazstic1 03-02-2009 09:14 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
Hey guys.... welp...first off...congrats to Angelo for becoming a member of the MD530 club tonight!! Hopefully you have as much fun with this helicopter as I have. :) The fun-fly went off without a hitch.... We donated a NIB, RTF Blade MCX for the raffle. :) A huge lot of planes came out for the fun-fly... There were more neon strands and more LED lights in the sky than stars!! Had a few "whoops" during landings, but other than that, the night went very smoothly. There was probably 1/2 -1 mph winds....not a cloud in the sky....couldn't ask for a better night.

As far as the next one is, I have no idea... :( Soon as I find out, I'll post the info.

Eddr50.... The charger that comes with the unit is a balance charger.... at least, that's what T.T. says.

Hong Weibing 03-02-2009 11:26 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
That battery pack close-up is neat and it looks pretty sturdy, is it? How many packs are included with the heli?
btw, the ones I saw at the Nuremberg Toy Fair were red, any difference?
Damn, I should have spent more time at the Fair and asked questions instead of rushing through in 1 hr. Oh well, next year I suppose...


eddr50 03-03-2009 04:35 AM

RE: Innovator MD530
Spazstic1,I didn't know it had a balancer built into it Thanks alot. eddr50

Spazstic1 03-03-2009 08:57 PM

RE: Innovator MD530

ORIGINAL: eddr50

Spazstic1,I didn't know it had a balancer built into it Thanks alot. eddr50

Happy to help. :)

Painted the skids today.... I think it looks a whole lot better.... Next, I'm going to probably do a black & blue color combo on the tail fin.


Hong Weibing 03-05-2009 05:39 AM

RE: Innovator MD530
Nice paint job. The MD530 is starting to look like a mean machine! btw, are the various small LEDs on the heli still visible?


eddr50 03-07-2009 07:43 AM

RE: Innovator MD530
Spazstic1, looking good ,when do you expect wooden blades? eddr50

esmoglo 03-08-2009 11:39 AM

RE: Innovator MD530
Well my first Innovator had to be sent back but I got a new one this Friday! Woo Hoo!! I also purchased an additional battery for the bargain basement price of $71! This helis is getting very expensive. Any ways I took her out for two flights and my first impressions is its cool as heck up in the air I love the scale look of the heli. It seems a bit sluggish in the air but I think it’s met to be this way for persons who are still learning how to fly. I think I will be getting the software. Hey Robert did you guys get the software in yet? And if you did have you tested it, is it worth the money?


Spazstic1 03-08-2009 05:03 PM

RE: Innovator MD530
Hey all, thanks for the comments!! I just got back from Florida Jet's 2009 in Lakeland, FL.. WHAT AN EVENT!!! Over 300 r/c turbine powered planes... AWESOME!!!

Hong, the tiny lights inside the heli are no longer visible since the windows were tinted, but those light are barely visible to begin with. The starting button LED is still visible.

Eddr50, I don't think the MD530 will ever use wooden blades. Although I could be mistaken.. I know you can re-program the rotor head for more RPM, but the box the foam blades come in clearly state the blades can't be used over 1800 rpm. With that being said, I can only assume some other type of blades will be offered for higher RPM's. We'll have to wait and see.

Angelo, congrats on your maiden flight!! The MD530 might seem sluggish while flying in (INDOOR mode), the top right switch... flip the switch towards you and try it again. ;) It'll give you a higher dual-rate and expo setting, as well as a higher RPM on the main rotor. I don't understand how you were sold an extra battery and not the software. They were in the same box behind my counter. :( I attempted to use the software over the weekend on Terry's laptop, but the problem was, the laptop ran slower than a turtle running through molasses. From what I could tell though, the software is PACKED with goodies. :) The settings are very easy to change, and the program seems to be pretty user friendly. Unfortunately, like an idiot, I rushed out of the hotel today, and forgot my transmitter case, containing my Innovator transmitter and my Spektrum DX6i. :( Good thing housekeeping found it, manager is shipping me the case tomorrow. :) Otherwise, I gotta drive back to Lakeland....250 miles...each way... NOT FUN!!! Last time I EVER make THAT mistake!!

Thanks guys!!

esmoglo 03-09-2009 09:23 AM

RE: Innovator MD530
Hey that painted gear looks great! How is it holding up? By the way I will be in to pick up the software this week so make sure you hold me a copy of it.


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