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chopper man 11-30-2013 06:02 PM

B737 EDF Help
Been flying nitro for a long time and now I have purchased a Windrider B737. I have been doing so much reading I'm probably more confused now then ever. This plane will most likely be in the 9 to 10 lb range. I have purchased the following and need help trying to figure out what ESC/BEC and lipo battery.


Thanks for your help.


4stripes 12-19-2013 07:08 PM

Great choice! this plane is large and looks very realistic in the air.
I helped a friend set his up .
Used Changesun 12 blade 70mm EDF's
Turnigy L2855 2100kv motors
100amp Red Brick ESC's (disconnected the internal BEC's after a few flights and switched to a separate BEC)
Turnigy 5A SBEC
HK 514 style retracts with the WR legs/wheels
Gens Ace 5500mah 6S 25C battery (power both ESC's through a Y harness)

These 2100kv motors can't handle full 6S power so I limited them through the ESC's to about 900watts/side giving plenty of power but keeping the motors happy. This requires setting up the ESC to a fixed throttle range then limiting throttle travel on the TX to desired output. The same could be achieved by using a 5S battery and no limitation. Just be sure to check the watts at full power. These motors will overheat if prolonged power above 900 watts.

If you are unsure about dynamic balancing the EDF's you could buy a couple Freewing 70mm EDF's ready to run on 6S like these

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