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mikejhs82-RCU 01-29-2003 01:20 PM

have car gear want to teach it to fly :)
I at one time raced rc cars on a carpet track.I now want to take that associated gear an teach it to fly.Is there any info the forum can offer me? Will my speed controls work? Will my batteries work? Basically i know these things will work..but what are my drawbacks? what size plane can these fly direct drive? Would i be better to gear drive this equipment. Dont get me wrong here i know that i can go buy "proper" industry accepted stuff..but why not try to utilize the stuff i got first? any builders out there experimented with this topic?hmm if we get enuff brainstormed ideas here maybe we can use this as a recruitment tool to get rc racers into flying..hehe :p

Steve Lewin 01-29-2003 01:54 PM

have car gear want to teach it to fly :)
Speed control will work but most car ESCs have BEC but not a low voltage cutoff. So you lose motor and radio at the same time, not a good idea in a plane.

As for motors, stock (27 turn) motors are used direct drive (in EFlight we call 'em Speed 600s but they're basically stock Mabuchi 550s), anything much less is better geared. If you're intending to stick to only 6 cells you might get away with going down to about 20 turns DD.

What sort of plane do you want to fly ? You could probably drive a 5-6 ft span glider or a trainer up to about 45-50 inch span or a warbird up to about 40 inch.

It will be the battery that's the problem. 6 heavyweight sub-C cells have trouble generating enough power to get themselves off the ground for any length of time.


Tippie 01-29-2003 02:38 PM

have car gear want to teach it to fly :)
Don't forget, if you are using the radio for rc cars it is out of the frequency spectrum used for rc aircraft and not allowed. Also may have limited range.

mikejhs82-RCU 01-29-2003 07:52 PM

thanks steve
Mainly all i plan top fly is sport models all 4' or less wingspan....If i cant use my sub c's what is a good alternative cell,I am comfortable building my own packs. I work at a radio shack have access to their line at a good price,do they have an acceptable cell that i could use?.With my car speed control i could use a seperate receiver pack..but that almost defeats the purpose...Is what you are telling me is that i should look for a "plane" speed control but my motors are ok..i do have a cpl 17 turn modified motors lying around...would these work? what is a good gear reduction unit for my motors,either stock or the modifieds?

hope this isnt to many questions?:))lol

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