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speleopower 02-01-2003 01:04 AM

fairly high power electric maybe radio problems
I just finished my first hardcore electric plane last weekend. A Gary Wright E3D. I'm running the recommended Kyosho Endoplasma w/Great Planes C50 speed control and a 10cell 3000mAh pack. For radio I have a JR610 micro reciever, 2 Hitec HS81 mini servos on the tail feathers and two Expert Electronics mini servos on the ailerons.
Last weekend was the first flight Flew fine(ok range check). 2nd flight slight glitches, 3rd flight scary glitches, 4th flight almost lost it from glitches. After the 4th or 5th flight I changed brushes. Now I can only get a few feet from the model with the transmitter antenna down before it is crazy with glitches without the motor running. I tried my other R610 micro reciever similar problem. I then used a spare battery pack to power the system and leave the motor and speed control out of the loop. Similar glitching problems. Switched to the other R610 reciever w/spare RX battery pack. Same range problems.
Next I was frustrated and hooked up another spare regular JR R600 receiver. Better range check for a few minutes then all glitches start back.
Could this be servo related? I've tried pulling each servo out one at a time. Tried adding them back in one at a time. I've switched recievers around so many times my head is spinning. I even put in different servos etc etc. It keeps glitching!!!!!!!
I"m all glitched out!!!!!\
P.S. with my Helicopter I have no problems i.e. 150'+ range check with positive control

Tippie 02-01-2003 02:57 PM

fairly high power electric maybe radio problems
Could be that you have located the ESC too close to the receiver. If you can, locate them a couple inchs of apart. But, you said you took the motor and ESC out of the circut so maybe that isn't it. You said you tried a different battery, which would have been my second guess. You don't say what brand of transmitter you have, maybe it is the problem with the receivers? I'd check the transmitter, seems to be the only thing you didn't "tinker" with. Sorry, not much help. There is a radio repair shop in Florida, and I thought I had the web site stored in my list but couldn't find it. Perhaps someone else can supply the name of it and maybe they can give you a clue as to what is happening.

speleopower 02-01-2003 03:25 PM

Radio glitch problems
I've no idea what is wrong. I have JR. The transmitter seems to work fine with my other airplanes and helicopters. I've tried 3 recievers all with the same outcome. What about servos? Can they cause glitch problems???

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