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Bowfish 02-02-2003 07:59 PM

First Flight
Well yesterday was the day. My son and I went out to the local park/flying field and took it up. I have a GWS Pico Stick F and it was a whole lot of fun. One of the local guys came over to watch and was surprised to see that I had the CoG right and was flying pretty well, thanks to the rcuniverse.

This was not just the plane's first flight, but my first ever RC flight. The FMS program really helped here. I only spent a couple hours on it and it helped. Still wish I could find my plane for the FMS. The plane was very cool and flew itself. It just needed an occasional correction.

At first I took off from the ground (sorry, don't know what that is called) and flew the field a couple loops before I set it down on the prop. Another take off, couple more loops and I was changing the battery. The 2nd batt is rated at 350 (the first was 270) and it seemed to not be as powerful. I just could not keep it over 10 ft. Of course this led to another crash and this time it broke the prop.

Thanks for all the help I received on this site. I replaced the prop today, but alas, its too windy to attempt today.

Lynn S 02-02-2003 11:15 PM

First Flight
Its 5:10 here and the wind is just about calm. I tried one flight but the plane wanted to go nose high. It only has rudder so it just about has to fly itself.
It looks like the wind is calm now. Here goes. :D

Edit: Just a little wind is too much. It flew downwind to the front of my neighbors house(we have 5 acre lots) and amazingly came back to the end of his house and landed. Not enough power to fly against the wind.

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