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kianhon 06-08-2008 07:23 PM

Esky Lama V4 or Co-Comanche
I wanto get either one of it and I need some advise. I'm a beginner in R/C heli, so I wonder whats the different of those 2 helis, which heli parts r cheaper and which will give me better experience to fly a 6-ch CCPM heli in the future.

AZheli 06-09-2008 12:35 AM

RE: Esky Lama V4 or Co-Comanche
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The v4 has better parts availability. From what I've read, the landing gear on the Comanche is kinda puny & breaks easily. You can eventually upgrade the v4 to enhance tha handling characteristics once you're tired of keeping it looking & running like it did right outta da box. Unbreakable skits are available, as well as many other upgrades from Xtreme & others.

Better yet, go get a cheaper ($69.95 at Xheli.com & free shipping using code CJFREE2). It already has longer servo arms than the v4, & IMO flies much better. Later on, you can just move the v3 parts to a v4 frame & battery holder and add your bling - much cheaper than starting out with an $88 v4, then having to go find the longer servo arms, along with the rest of the stuff.

I just finished my Super Lama & it rocks!

BigTruckDriver 06-09-2008 01:34 AM

RE: Esky Lama V4 or Co-Comanche
They are the same except for the outer shell. So you get what ever one you like the are the exact same ,only difference is the shell. What ever parts you find for the v4 will go for the Comanche also.

Hornet05 07-23-2008 02:56 AM

RE: Esky Lama V4 or Co-Comanche
I also have aCo-Comanchee, it flies great but the Dauphin is better, plus the bonus is the parts except for body ,battery box and wheels/skids are the same, i got sick and tired of buying comanche wheels , i went and got the lama battery box(bolts straight on ) and drilled 2 holes in the commache body at front and put skids on it and that saved me a lot of pain while learnig to flie, especially buying flimsy wheels all the time. now am learning to fy the belt-cp, and this is a handfull of chopper.

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