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diesel finally on the way??

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Default RE: diesel finally on the way??


You need to come to fly over country, IE MN.
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Default RE: diesel finally on the way??

Well, I am one who is venturing into diesels. Haven't flown an IC since I was a kid. Since I get back in the hobby in 2003 I have flown electric. In fact, if it had not been for electric I would not be in RC now. Why? 2 reasons. First, the closest IC field is over an hour from my house. Second. I still remember hard to start engines. I know that's changed now, but, it stuck in my mind.

Since I've been flying RC I have found the convenience of electric and the ease of finding a place to fly to be a big advantage of electric. I also don't like the scream of a 2 stroke glow engine on a scale plane. 4 stroke is a bit better and 4 stroke gas is better. Then I got to see some diesels fly (thanks to Steve Staples). Perfect combo for the WWI planes I usually fly. Lower rpm, larger props, great sound.

So, I have a PAW .06 (thanks to Eric Clutton) that I have installed in a previously electric WACO SRE. I look forward to flying it.

Will diesel become a mainline item. I don't think so, for the same reasons listed, smell, volatility and availability fo the fuel.

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Default RE: diesel finally on the way??

When you get bored , tired and unchallenged by plug and play electrics, come fiddle with diesels[8D]
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Lou Crane
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Default RE: diesel finally on the way??


Only about a month late to yours of 13 June: The aluminum alloy used in ABC construction is often described as a "high silicon alloy" which has an expansion rate similar enough to the cylinder brass to allow the cold-pinch/hot-fit conditions. High silicon Al alloys, I've heard, are harder on tooling, too...

Commonly available aluminums are not likely to be just the right silicon alloy composition. Purer aluminums expand quite a bit, as you've apparently observed. Iron-ringed aluminum pistons in older engines had a fairly generous clearance between piston and cylinder - it was the ring's job to make the compression and power stroke seal conditions... The aluminum was there to hold the ring, and to weigh less...
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John Henry Vereker
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Default RE: diesel finally on the way??

I fly PAW engines, I use an old 19 r/c plain bearing I have had for 36 years (yes it was an early 19 that Iconverted to R/C using PAW carb).  Only snag with 19 s that when run on along flight, say 1/2 hour on a 4 oz tank, in a 4 channel 54" sopan Colibri, engine wont throttle cut to esily and I have to look around for long grass to stop motor!

My other two diesels are a PAW 55R/C in a 3 channel solid 1/4" sheet 32" span Delta,goes well and a PAW29R/C plain earing.  The 29 is stripped down awaiting a 35 cylinder and piston.  Cheaper thsn a new motor.  PAW 35 might be back up for a Flair Astro Hog or Slo Poke 40, both built very light.  Alternatively I will put it in a scratch built 66" symetrical mid wing design 

My other motors are Irvines,a Mk3 .46 and a Mk2 .53.


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