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dhal22 09-04-2021 05:52 PM

Old homebuilt plane
My uncle designed and built this plane back in the 80's. I think it flew once and was fairly fast. I might make it air worthy again.


perttime 09-04-2021 09:45 PM

Looks cool!
Is it just me or does the landing gear wire look pretty thin?
More pic? ;)

dhal22 09-05-2021 03:43 PM

Ha. My uncle warned me that there would be comments about the landing gear. It's only a 5lb plane, the wire gear is very stiff..

dhal22 09-05-2021 03:49 PM

I never agreed with the long stroke pattern engine, I'm going to try a short stroke.


dhal22 09-05-2021 03:51 PM

Here's the first 3 options I have in my collection. Thoughts?

OPS 60
YS 60


speedracerntrixie 09-08-2021 08:10 PM

I bet it would be faster with the OS running a 12x12 APC cut down to 11”.

dhal22 09-09-2021 03:33 PM

Originally Posted by speedracerntrixie (Post 12693675)
I bet it would be faster with the OS running a 12x12 APC cut down to 11.

Alright, I'll add that to my thoughts. Thanks

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