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nun45 11-12-2002 02:40 AM

whiplash quirks
can anyone splain to me why when launched they go down and to the left? also what is best way to loosen elevons without breaking them? just got one and it is being painted by a friend with a psycho imagination!(i hope). i really don't want to have it flop when launched in front of a bunch of people! thanx in advance.---henry

Noflyzone 11-12-2002 03:28 AM

The down left scenario is due to lack of lift when launching the Whiplash at low AOA...The pull to the left is simply the torque of the motor. Some motors develop a lot of torque but are too heavily loaded at launch to provide the thrust when launching. We have found out that some motor/Whiplash combos need a little toss to get 'em going without the roll over. This is why we recommend that for most new pilots to have an experienced delta wing pilot make the first flight, if they are not used to deltas. Once trimmed, the Whiplash is a Blast to fly...Don't hesitate to call and talk to Rick or myself for any flight advise for the Whiplash. We have many, many sucessful flights, and we want you to be sucessful too. Afterall, that's what our hobby is all about...FUN!!!

Happy Flying,

jlong34016 11-12-2002 03:46 AM

I had to break my hinges on the first run model. On my second the entire bottom is already cut thru and the top doesnt bind too much. I would just break the bottom and be done with it.
On launch if you run a small prop its going to sink and roll/turn left no matter what you do. A 9 inch prop on a good engine will have little problem. A 7 inch prop is going to be hard to get airborne.
What engine you running?
Also make sure your CG is back far enough. youll never hold the nose up on a full tank if you are too far forward on takeoff.

nun45 11-12-2002 05:45 PM

whiplash quirks
will be using a 46fx with 9.5x5 prop. this combo works real good on my dust so i am crossing my fingers!---henry

jlong34016 11-12-2002 05:57 PM

wont go fast but lauch will be great. will pull right out of your hand

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