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Zagi troubles

Old 12-11-2004, 12:59 PM
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Default Zagi troubles

I have a Zagi 400 and I have been having troubles flying it. I will take off and it seems underpowered. It came with a 400 motor and it should fly fine with that but it seems to dog down and i have troubles climbing with it. It's not that i have too much up elevator and i am trying to fly straight to pick up some air speed before i try to climb. I get going ad pull up and it doesn't want to go up. I don't know if it has to do with the temperature ( 30 F).
I am fed up with this thing and i want to be able to fly it.

Things i could thing of that could be bad.
1). Too heavy? HOw much should it weigh?
2). Too much drag? I put a small hood scoop thing in it to keep the speed controller somewhat cool (I had one burn up on me) I will try to post some pics to show you guys what it looks like.
3). Not a powerful enough motor? it's a 400 with a C-30 mini speed controller. It seems to put out power good though.

Also, i get flying and i hit certain spots and it's like I hit dead air. What's with these spots where it goes all crazy and i have no control? The speed controller goes and stops and goes and the flaps go all crazy.

Any input would be helful
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Default RE: Zagi troubles

If your flying the origonal Zagi 400, not the 400X. It should weigh in at 17, 17.5 ounces with the supplied 8cell 500mah nicad pack. The whole glitching thing can be of a few things, your connections are loose, or your reciever is very very chiity lol. If you dont have a Hitec 555 reciever or Hitec Electron 6, get one! The under powered thing going on with your zagi could be of two things, the 400 motor you have is defective(very commin with $7-10 stockies) or your prop is facing the wrong way. Make sure your carbon 5x5 prop's lettering is facing the nose of the airplane. You should be able to see the lettering if you look at your zagi from the front of your airplane.

This is just a thought...
My recommendation, get HS-81 Metal gears, reinforce the hell outta the zagi 400 and buy yourself a brushless motor w/ ESC. And try upgrading to a larger mah pack, like the 1700 for example.

Good luck!

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Default RE: Zagi troubles

The 400 anything ona Zagi is under powered foe a beginner...
The key is to throw, fly straight and level (until speed is reached) before turning in any direction.

Zagi XS, XT both need speed.... 400, 400x, are flat bottom so they don't need as much speed before turning.

Zagi-Extreme motor mounts are the only way to go...

100% CNC for a solid and precise fit.
Fits all populare motors 400, Mega 16/15 and Himax 2815 (just bolt and fly)
Tested in the field and this mount will out live your wing. we fly'em hard and fast.

$9.00 (includes shipping in the USA) and you will have a NO cracking Z-Mount.

PAYPAL only [email protected]

I love Zagi wings.

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