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hutch0912 01-07-2005 08:48 PM

Microjet RR
I've just received my Multiplex MicroJet RR package today. Everything looks good but I'm was slightly disappointed when I realized that the white motor cowl and the rear foam fuselage turtle deck are glued to the plane. I didn't expect an RR "receiver ready" kit like this to be completly assembled. There's so little to do you would think they could get away with letting the consumer put it together. I had planned on upgrading the plane to brushless in the future and I'm wondering how difficult it's going to be to cut the motor cowl off. Anyone out there tried this yet?


Woody 51 01-07-2005 09:08 PM

RE: Microjet RR
Try the thread on this model at


I cut a plywood ring to mount my AXI on and glued it to the front side (from the motor point of view) in the motor compartment.

Since then I spotted one of the new ALIGN Brushless Outrunner Motors on E-Bay. They are built with an outer casing, so could be mounted exactly the same way as the supplied Brushed "Can" Motor.

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