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Si-F3a 01-12-2020 10:04 AM

Pls help! Voltage drop off to failsafe
i am finishing up my first quad build and have an issue with the quad going into failsafe

My upsetup is
Armattan marmotte
Hobbywing x -rotor stack combo F4 FC and 60 amp 4 in 1 esc
Rush tank vtx
6s battery pack
Foxeer predator mini
Brother hobby returner R6 2207/1750kv motrs
Jeti R3/RSW receiver with DC-16 transmitter

When I plug the quad in, betaflight shows full voltage say 24volts for the 6s pack.

When I arm the quad the motors start spinning and the voltage starts to drop. When I advance the throttle, the motors start to accelerate but the voltage starts dropping quickly down to 5 volts and the quad goes into failsafe a voltage has dropped too low.

From arming the quad and advancing the throttle, the voltage drop to the quad going into failsafe is a couple of seconds.

I think it's a brownout. Everything seems to be working on the radio and is correct in BF setup. I have re soldered a new RX wire to the FC to make sure the receiver was connected properly and it is.

Beginning to wonder if this is and esc or flight controller issue and if other users have had the same issue.

Hoping you can help resolve so I can finally get this quad in the air

Thanks in advance for your help and support



MrFrenz 04-01-2020 11:24 AM

Too much time passed on your post and probably you know but if it is related with lipo than from 24 volt to 5 volt drops your lipo could damaged and damaged lipos could be very dangerous fyi.

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