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modelaircrafter 08-26-2019 05:28 PM

I think that MAAC, (Canada) and AMA (USA) should drop ALL "drone" and FPV and UAV, (BAN) and let those folks form their own organization. Let's see if they can get insurance coverage given the plethora of bad actors within their midst. Let's have the guys that love to see the vehicle IN FLIGHT as a part of their love of things that fly. JMHO.

BarracudaHockey 08-27-2019 03:58 AM

What's old is new all over again.

I heard the same thing with helicopters became big.

Then again when giant scale 3D because en vouge

Fly within the rules, who cares what you're flying. Come to a club, get educated, be safe.

That's like restricting Corvettes because they can go too fast.

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