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beamer3.6m 04-16-2017 06:05 AM

Are DLG gliders considered to be 'freeflight'?
I am not sure if this makes any sense bit are DLG gliders free flight. I ask as they have no form of power other than the initial throw and then thermals/wind etc.

I know they have control surfaces (rudder/elevator/aileron) but does this take it entirely out of free flight?

Here's my best efforts to date which might show the basis of DLG.


JohnBuckner 04-18-2017 08:23 PM

Nice video and congratulations on your learning curve. About your question though No your DLG is no more free flight than any glider launched by any of the other methods. Your glider has full three axis flight control. As long as it has even a single axis flight control from the ground then it is definitely not a free flight model.


BMatthews 04-20-2017 09:41 AM

It's got a radio in it so that makes it radio controlled. DLG refers to the method for launching, not the presence or not of radio control.

There are folks building and flying a new breed of free flight glider that uses the side arm or discus launch style that ARE proper free flight designs thanks to the lack of radio in the model.

beamer3.6m 04-23-2017 10:13 AM

I'm improving...

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