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Haris Andronis 06-24-2022 04:36 AM

Futaba T12FG idle trim

i recently aquired a futaba T12FG and changed from my old TX6A. In my old transmitter the i used to move the throttle back and then arrange the idle with the trim. Afterwards going with the trim fully back the engine would shut off.

However, in the T12FG i can not find how this can be set up. I tried with the Idle Down setting but when i have the throttle on the idle the parameter is realisng high speed and keeps the trim inactive. When i push after mid range of throttle the trim is working normally.

The best for me would be the throttle trim to work like my previous transmitter. If this is not possible please advice how to reverse the throttle idle situation and how to make the carburator stay slightly open when throttle is fully back.

thank you

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