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Cloister of a 3w 50i

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Default Cloister of a 3w 50i

I bought a 3w 50i on ebay some time ago. The seller said it was running a bit "difficult" asif it was too rich. The ignition was replaced by a Becker unit so he thought it might be a carburetter problem...then my story begins.
I put it on a stand and it ran fine, high rpm, low rpm , idle no problem. I couldn't find anything wrong with it and was very pleased.
6 months later I put it in an ARF Sbach. Couldn't make it suck fuel so poored some in the carb and then it ran but not all to good, it stalled on idle, didn't take on rpm and rpm unconsistent with throttle.
In spection showed broken reed plate so ordered plate and reeds at 3w.
Now it started normally and had normal power but on idle it stalled regularly. When it did I couldn't start it again and i heard a clicking noise coming from the ignition.
After som waiting it started again but on idle it (not allways) stalled and coulden't start again, clicking noise and so on. Heating ignition and fuel plug at my workshop didn't reproduce anything.
Some setting needles couldn't keep it from doing "it".
Changed the ignition by a RXLxlecl well you know which. Now I'm even farther from home, all it does is one or 2 puffs with choke, 1 or 2 puffs without choke an every once in a while it coughs in it's muffler.

Reclx is set 28 degrees before upper dead point and makes use of the 3w pick-up. Spark is good on sight, also on say 2000 rpm, battery is good.
Spark plug is new.
It has lots of compression, above and under the piston.
Tillotson carburetter sucks fuel nicely when choke is closed and stops doing that when choke is open which I think is normal, it prooves the fuel room check valve closes well.
When pooring fuel in the cilinder, it runs 2 a 3 seconds which may indicate a carburetter problem.(Maybe the seller was right after all) Visual check of the carburetter doesn't reveal anything.

So another example of this oh so simple structure called internal combustion engine doing it's own will.
My trick box is empty so please open yours.

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Default RE: Cloister of a 3w 50i

Sounds as though you have reed problems
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Default RE: Cloister of a 3w 50i


I cleaned the carb but could not see anything coming out that shouldn't be there.
I changed the plug cap with a HK type.
And guess what? everything was ok all of the sudden
Now what was the cause?

Just to let you know.
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Default RE: Cloister of a 3w 50i

The next time it won't start, (hopefully never) after several tries, pull the plug. If wet= ignition trouble. If dry=fuel trouble. Concentrate on the particular trouble. Good luck, red
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Default RE: Cloister of a 3w 50i


I agree with w8ye. It was discovered that some of these engines that had the carb mounted on the side of the crankcase were sent out without the reed stops. Without the stop, the tip of the reed pedal travels out to far and makes contact with the crank counter balance just enough to ruin the reed. We had this same problem and while at Joe Nall several years ago, the people for 3W were there and looked at this engine and found that it was missing the stop. After getting the stop and new reeds, the problem was solved. The engine is still going strong. Hope this info has been helpful.

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