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Default RE: BCMAEngines

ORIGINAL: karolh

Maybe you should go back and read Bcchi's post again as he never said it can't be done period. He said it can't be done IF using the stock carb and fuel pump .... the IF makes a big difference.

Yes you are right i miss read the post my mistake..sorry about thati will edit it since i was wrong..
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Default RE: BCMAEngines

yes that is exactly what I thought about last night . I took the YS 120 NC totaly a part to see what and how. Now on the regulator right on the bottom front is a little something that holds the disk under the little diafragm. But all that silicon type material i thought of replacing with regular Gas carb material.
I will have to rebuild this engine. I got it on Ebay $150, Exh. valve does not look right and is kind of low on compression. A valve and a piston ring I guess will do.

If any one try this let"s share

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Default RE: BCMAEngines

So, I'm apparently among the many who have had a crankshaft break on the BCMA SPE 40. In fact, it has happened to me twice now. The first time, Adam fixed it at no cost. The engine is out of warranty now I'm sure.

Anyone know if the SPE 43 crankshaft will fit the 40? I can't seem to find a 40 size crankshaft anywhere. Cermark carries the 43, (although it's $38!!) but I want to know it will fit before I order it preferably. I ordered new bearings, gaskets, seals, etc. from HiModel. I would have ordered new rings but the old rings are still in very good shape, surprisingly.
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Default RE: BCMAEngines

Imight have one, I'll check and PMyou if I do.
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Default RE: BCMAEngines

Thanks Jody.

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Hello all,

I know this thread appears to be dead, but I am looking for information. I have acquired a BCMA 26cc gasoline engine with the BCMA xl auto advance ignition. BCMA has gone by the wayside, however, I am looking for the manual for the engine and the ignition module. I found the old BMCA website using the internet wayback machine, but it did not have the manual saved.

I am wondering if anyone has the pdf manual of this engine and ignition module saved on there computer that they could email me. Any help would be great. I have searched the internet for a few hours already without any avail.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Hi Matt,

Good luck with that engine. I had one and it didn't last long. We never could get it to run right so I gave it away. I couldn't bring myself to sell a problem engine to someone else to have problems with. Anyway, my understanding was BCMA never made any engines, the engine was an SPE 26cc which was also available through Cermark (whose website is also no longer working). I can't remember if BCMA made any modifications or changed ignitions. If you Google SPE 26cc you'll probably have more luck finding information. I found this site:

There may be others but the reason you may have difficulty may be because the SPE line was never very successful (that I know of, anyway).

If you need an engine in that range I'd look at Zenoa or DLE, personally.

Good luck


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