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My experience with Cactus Aviation

Old 05-02-2008, 10:00 PM
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Default RE: My experience with Cactus Aviation

Im sending ya a PM.
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Default RE: My experience with Cactus Aviation

Old 05-02-2008, 10:58 PM
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Default RE: My experience with Cactus Aviation

ORIGINAL: trentmark

50%, if you ever get a giant scale plane go buy a motor from Cactus........ I dare you. Also to Bash someone you have to attack them, all I did was state what happened. Somehow you
figured it out that it wasn't good. The question is would you accept this kind of treatment?
what makes you think that I do not have a giant scale plane? But that's beside the point.

The point is this, there are two sides to the story. You are taking the low road by posting your life's story online. Based on what little of the "other side" has come out, I'd say that your side of the story is yet to be decided by a judge. Let the legal system handle it, and then get back to us. After reading your post, I have little respect for your opinion.(especially since I've read many of your post going back to the Flying Circus days, you are always raving about your DA's) If you truely were screwed, I'm sorry and do apologize for any judgement of you or your dealings with Cactus Aviation by me. This is a hobby, let's have fun.

Chris Todd

p.s. I have zero connection with 3W, Desert Aircraft, or anyone that sells their engines. I would buy a 3W just as soon as I'd buy a DA.

EDIT: forgot to put an 'm' in front of any
Old 05-02-2008, 11:06 PM
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Default RE: My experience with Cactus Aviation

Didn't you look at the receipts? it tells the story. It's black and white with no gray and yes I will report back when I get this in front of a judge.
Old 05-02-2008, 11:56 PM
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Default RE: My experience with Cactus Aviation

Send me a PM when you get a verdict from the judge. I'll open it back up so that you can post the outcome.

This has gone on long enough, so I'm locking it up for now. Useless bickering.
Old 05-03-2008, 08:24 AM
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Default RE: My experience with Cactus Aviation

ORIGINAL: trentmark

Unfortunately the claim was not between me and UPS. It is between the shipper and UPS. I have filed a complaint with the AZ Attorney General, 3W in Germany, and I consulted my attorney here in missouri.
If need be I will file a claim in small claims court where they will be responsible for all costs in resolving this. If you guys can think of anything I've missed, please let me know.

This is normal. The contract is between the shipper and UPS. I've been in this situation in the past, and UPS did not make it easy to resolve the claim. Actually, the only way I got my money back from the damage is because I had a witness to the comments by the UPS rep who insisted that I claim warranty repair by the product manufacturer. A talk to the regional UPS rep got my money sent. They sent it real fast too since I was ready to make an issue over the reps advice to commit fraud.

This thread has definitely run its course. The owner of Cactus has responded to the numerous posts by the OP. I don't see any reason to let this thread continue, and some of the posts are of questionable content in regards to product bashing. Unless one of the other moderators feels the need to step in, and they are most welcome to do whatever they feel best, I'll leave this open just a little while longer to see if anything else of value is posted. There is a ticket filed on the content here, so this is my action on that report for the time being.


p.s. Just noticed this thread is getting more attention. I missed the part where you locked it up, RCPilot. Sorry about that.
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Default RE: My experience with Cactus Aviation

I want to add to what RCPilot has said here. There have been several report tickets opened on this thread asking that it be removed because of "Manufacturer Bashing". This thread does not even come close to falling into that category. Manufacturer bashing is when somebody will rant and rave about a problem with a manufacturer or vendor but does not provide evidence to support his issues. That is not the case here. Trentmark has provided all the evidence that he has to support his claim in this issue. A representative of Cactus Aviation is also posted a reply to these claims through another member of RCU (although I would be happier if Cactus Aviation would come on and directly post to this thread. They are welcome to PM me if they wish to do this and I will allow to happen). Since this issue is in the courts we will let them decide what has transpired in this issue, and will report those findings if they are provided to us.

Conflicts such as these are EXACTLY what RCU is all about. How many times has RCU been used to inform the public of a bad product? How about spreading the word about good products? Case in point would be the recent issues that Futaba had with the 7C 2.4 FASST radio. The word was quickly spread with the aid of RCU and our forums, and as such serious issues may have been avoided. However this case is decided in the courts it will serve to inform the modeling public about possible issues with a vendor, or that the vendor in question was in the right. Either way, threads like this are used to put that information out to the public and are definitely allowed on RCU when they are done within the rules of RCU.

With this in mind, I ask that member refrain from opening any further report tickets on this thread.

This thread will be updated when official information is received. Those parties involved in this matter may contact RCPilot or myself in order to get further information added to this thread. Until then the thread will remain locked.


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