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MTK 04-20-2015 12:04 PM

OS GT15, Initial Impressions
I just flew the maiden (plus a half dozen others) with this engine. It's the ignition version, not the glow plug version.

Initial impressions are it's about as sweet a runner as I have experienced in my 47 years of RC flying. No, it's not a stump puller like it's big brother GT33. But it shows outstanding field manners, simple 1 flip starts, extremely quiet on its regular muffler (soft rubber iso mount on the T-Clips) and a very linear throttle curve. Note the carb is the new OS designed one that uses the PD8 pump and not the Walbro.

The 8 lb T-Clips came out a little nose heavy. It's short coupled and the GT15 is heavier than some of the glow 60's the plane was designed for. Overall power is very similar to a well tuned glow 60, except it turns considerably larger props at a little lower rpm.

The muffler is rather heavy but allows good performance overall.

I will compare a piped set-up soon.

prigai 04-22-2015 04:56 AM

Good report, I have one and started it a few times but not flown yet.
I also have the GT15HZ with the Walbro carb, will be interesting to mount on a plane and see how they compare.
Much heavier than the GT15 but probably can reduce 3-1/2 Oz by changing head, changing carb spacer and lowering the carb.

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