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Jeff396 03-07-2004 08:18 AM

DA50 first gasser questions
Hi all,

I'm working hard to get my new H9 80" Cap 232 ready for spring......which I think I missed judging by todays temps in sunny SC. This is my first gasser and I have a couple of questions;

1. I bought a 24 oz. Dubro fuel tank and some large diameter gas fuel line. The fuel line fits well on the engine barbed fitting but has lots of slop on the tanks brass tubes. I sure don't want the line to come off in the fusulage! How do I work this out?

2. My cap has foam on the top of the fusulage down the whole length of the plane. Should I seal this foam, at least from the cockpit forward, with something to protect it from the gas? I seem to remember that foam and gas is not a good mix. What should I use?


deputydog 03-07-2004 08:28 AM

RE: DA50 first gasser questions
you can braze(solder) fuel barbs on the end of the brass tubing on the fuel tank. I think Dubro makes them! Or get the smaller Tygon. Also always use some sort of clamp. Either Tie-tie's or the small pinch type sold for our application.
You can also mix up some epoxy with some denatured alcohol and paint it on the foam to seal it.

GoeKeli 03-07-2004 09:59 AM

RE: DA50 first gasser questions
Hi Jeff,
I just finished the same plane with the same engine. I have about 25 flights and still trimming ect. I use the Hayes 16 oz tank and after 15 minute flight I come back with just under a 1/4 tank and it is rich from the factory running the lawn boy ashless break in oil. The 24 will work. Sounds like you have the larger tubing. The smaller tubing is what I would use and just really have to push to get it on the larger engine barb. I use the blue aerotrend tubing and so far all is well. Which standoffs did you use? If this is your first gasser all I can say is wow, are you in for a treat!~) I'm using the MSC 22-8 prop until I get 4 gallons of the lawn boy mix through it. Your gonna love the plane too!~)


capngriz 03-07-2004 10:12 AM

RE: DA50 first gasser questions
It's about time you started on that plane. It's already over 60 outside today. See you at the field.


Jeff396 03-08-2004 10:15 PM

RE: DA50 first gasser questions

Thanks for the info! I had not heard of the barbs so I checked my LHS and they actually had them in two sizes. I ended up getting the 5/32 barbs and some 5/32 brass to increase the size of the pipes going into the tank. I had already bought the metal spring clamps for the fuel line but the slop from the 5/32 fuel line to the original tank pipe was way more than they would solve. I'll use both just to be safe......(read paranoid):)


Jeff396 03-08-2004 10:28 PM

RE: DA50 first gasser questions

Just curious.....did you find an alignment problem on the vertical tail. The hole on top of the fuselage where the pin on the bottom of the fin goes into was way off. The hole itself didn't look too clean and there was also lots of slop in the fit so I just pulled the fin straight. I can't imagine it flying right if left that way.

I figured a way to use the standoffs that came with the DA50 by sandwiching another piece of ply behind the firewall. Then I drilled some 3/4" holes through the original firewall to accept the bases of the standoffs. This moved the engine back 7/16". Then I got some washers to space it out 3/16" and viola......6" from firewall to hub! By the time I cut the hole in the center for the carb I doubt I even added all that much weight. All this because I'm too cheap to buy the right standoffs:)

Glad to hear the plane is a nice flyer! Though nervous, I'm really looking forward to it!!


GoeKeli 03-09-2004 01:17 AM

RE: DA50 first gasser questions
Hi Jeff,
Yes I found it a bit off and did not trust the fit so I aligned it and taped it over night to let the epoxy setup really good. It's an ARF and I try to get around the idea that just because it looks like a flying model does not mean it will if I just slap it together. I hope to get some more flights in tomorrow. Trimming this plane has been harder than any other I have flown. I took out the down thrust and added just a bit more right. My CG is aft and I might try to get it forward just a tad. :D Your gonna love this engine, it is really easy to deal with. Sounds like you out smarted the standoffs! I just used the DA small ones and cut some 3/4" ones at work.


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