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308jockey 01-11-2021 06:50 PM

Need a plane to go with an engine
Evening everyone,

Not sure if this is the right place for this question but here it is. I just came into a brand new never run OS .25VF with a pipe and header. It was just too good to pass up. Problem is, I don't know what to put it in. I'm thinking a racer of some kind but not sure which one. I have a 1/4 midget Miss RJ kit that I'm planning to .fly with a Nelson .15. Can't race it but ought to be fun. I don't think I can wedge the OS into the Miss RJ so I am looking around for something else. No plans to compete, I just want a fast plane. Any suggestions? It can be a kit or an arf as long as it flies well. Thanks.

Rick H.

speedracerntrixie 01-11-2021 07:16 PM

I would do a reduced size Q500. Maybe scale it down to 375 sq in.

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