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Midwest Cap-232

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Default Midwest Cap-232

I am building the Midwest Cap at this time. It is a well designed plane and is one of the better giant scale kits I have built. Midwest has now added a flying tail to the kit so it does take longer to build. I am thinking about using a Brison 3.2 for power. Is anyone using this combination? Is anybody flying the Cap with its new tail design? James Goss
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Default Midwest Cap-232


I have a buddy flying one of the older versions Cap and loves it. His name is Scott Ham and lives in Arab, Alabama.

I'll mention your post and see if he can contribute to this discussion. I know he has a gas burner on his - and MAN IS IT POWERFUL!!!

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Default Midwest Cap w/Brison 3.2

Hi James,

I've been flying a MW Cap for about 2 years now and love it. I flew it the first year with a Moki 1.8 in the nose and it flew well,
but just didn't really have enough power to carry it through some
maneuver. For example, if I did a snap roll the Cap would snap
well, but it would loose a lot of air speed and momentum. Of course you'll loose some speed, and it never slowed enough to make it stall or quit flying. Last April I put a Brison 3.2 in the nose and what a differance. Even with the ignition battery the Brison only added about 1 lb. of weight over the Moki. I think the dry weight of mine is about 14 1/2 to 15 lbs. When I change over to the Brison I had to add about a 1 in. block to the firewall to move the engine far enough forward. If I had built the plane for the Brison I probably would have made new parts to extend the firewall forward. I think the only modification I made while building the plane was to strengthen the aileron servo mount. If I remember correctly I ran a piece of 1/4x1/4 spruce between the ribs where the servo mounts to make it more rigid. The Brison pulls this plane around with authority. The Brison has enough
power to hover the plane but I haven't found a prop I really like yet. I got a Master Airscrew Scimitar 22x10 with the engine when I bought it. This prop pull great and has unlimited vertical but I think it's only turning 7,200 rpm's on the ground and it just doesn't seem to pull out of a hover well. I'm running a Zinger 20x10 now which turns about 8,300 rpm's but it doesn't seem to have the bite the 22x10 did. I was going to try a Menz 21x10 next. Third times a charm right. The only bad habbit the plane has is it wants to snap when you apply a lot of elevator. It doesn't happen very fast so it's not hard to correct. The new horizontal stab my take care of this problem. If it does I'd like to get the rib templates so I could mod mine. I hope this helped. If you have any question feel free to e-mail me.

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Default MW Cap

I also have a Midwest cap. And I also first had a Moki 1.8 in it but did not like the fuel consumption. Later I switched to a ZDZ 40. I have a MenzS 20x10 on it which it turns 6800 rpm. I like the plane with the exception of the snap behavior it has when tight corners are flown. For instance I do not feel comfortable flying low square loops. It would really be interesting to find out if the new tail design would make it more forgiving in this respect.
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Default Cap 232

I'm building the newer midwest kit with the airfoiled stab right now, the whole aft section of the fuse is modified. You are required to cut the fuse sides and splice in the new stab saddle section, it's almost a foot long. The vertical fin is also airfoiled. I'm a die hard Cap fan, been flying them since the Cap 20 was the bomb, the touchy elevator has always been an issue, the 232 is without a doubt a lot more forgiving in this area than all the previous Caps.

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