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if your glow engine was in your car

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Default RE: if your glow engine was in your car

ORIGINAL: aspeed

Wow, this thread took on a life of it's own. I say chop it up unless it is historically significant? I am a Streetrodder from way back.
The economics of the project bear watching too. It is very hard to do an extensive restoration (or conversion) and sell the result for what you have in it, even if you value your own time at zero. It would be fairly easy to purchase a valuable old car and spend thousands of dollars and many hours turning it into a hot rod of far less monetary value.

I have found that many fun things aren't cheap.

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Default RE: if your glow engine was in your car

ORIGINAL: Farmer Ted

Wow, this thread is a little scary with misinformation.

A two stroke ''Glow'' RC engine is (basically) just a 2 stroke diesel.

A four stroke ''glow'' RC engine is (basically) a four stroke diesel
...very similar (in principle and operation but without fuel injection) to the 4 stroke diesels in cars and trucks.

Diesel engines use the heat of compression for ignition, the glow plug is just there to provide an ignition source to get the thing started. In glow airplane engines, the glow plug does continue to act, to some degree, as an ignition source along with the heat of compression.

Gasoline engines use an electric spark for ignition and can be run with minor modifications on alcohol, natural gas, and most any other flammable vapor

A minor correction is needed here:

Diesel method injects the fuel into the combustion chamber containing pre-compressed air, which is hot enough to initiate the ignition of the fuel-air mix (glow plugs are only for cool start).

Otto method compresses a fuel-air pre-mix (to lower values of pressure than Diesel's or auto-ignition would occur). The ignition is initiated by a heat source (spark or glow plug).

Hence, all the glow RC engines (two or four-stroke) follow the Otto cycle, just like all the gas engines (two or four-stroke).
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Default RE: if your glow engine was in your car

The model engines we call Diesels are not really diesels, they are really compression ignition Otto cycle.

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