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YS .45 F Side-Exhaust

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Default YS .45 F Side-Exhaust

Regarding the YS .45 F Side-Exhaust two stroke:
Posted in another forum; posting here for more exposure -

After putting this airplane back in service from a ten or more year hiatus, I've only had the pleasure of one rather short flight on two separate trips to the flying field recently -

On the first attempted day and using Omega 15%, I got the engine running but it wouldn't take throttle without becoming ragged and eventually quitting. Changed the plug with no change in running characteristics. An idea came to mind at the field and without getting too invasive, I thought that freeing up the regulator by rotating the regulator screw with a small screwdriver through an access hole in the cowl could be beneficial however, it was frozen and I didn't want to distort the screw slot. I could start the engine each time, but it wouldn't take throttle and would quit when the glow driver was removed. I gave up. At home, I pulled the spinner, prop, needle valve, header, and cowling. To my surprise, the regulator screw now turned freely with a proper sized screwdriver, so it was rotated a half turn in one direction, a full turn in the other direction, and a half turn back to original position. There was some green sludge on the threads in the regulator body that was cleaned off. I also noticed a ring of discolored sludge on the inside of the cowling in line with the front bearing/drive plate. Everything was put back together and the airplane sat for a few weeks until the second attempt at flight.

On this occasion, Crewl Power 10% was used and after turning the H.S. needle valve in one full turn, the engine was running the way I remember it did a decade ago - its like the brushless of glow power - quiet, smooth, and powerful. So I took off and was very happy to be able to perform turn around maneuvers at each end of the field and some passes with a few vertical maneuvers thrown in here and there for at least a couple minutes. On one straight and level pass the throttle was advanced and it became ragged again - the throttle was kept low, the engine slowed down eventually quitting, and I landed. Back at the pits, I started the engine up but it would quit as soon as glow driver was removed. New plug - same result but noted it would respond to throttle increase with glow driver attached. It was getting late, gave up, and went home.

Would appreciate any expertise diagnosing, recognition of symptoms, or ideas to try out here -

Background and history of engine:

~30 year old YS.45 - single owner from new - had new regulator diaphragm, bearings, piston & sleeve, and I think gaskets installed over ten years ago -
Ran well 10 or so years ago - throttle response was never linear and requires a throttle curve -
I believe I used to use Cool Power - thoughts were to avoid fouling intricate passageways for the regulator system with castor -
I think I would run Omega through the engine for a short time before any long term storage - thoughts were that castor would prevent corrosion but realize it may defeat the purpose of my thoughts on 2nd line -
Early on I was told petroleum distillates affected the delicate silicone and rubber parts so I ceased ever using any after-run oil in this engine -

O.S. #8 plug -
APC 11X7 -
Regulator screw flush with housing but seems frozen again -
H.S. needle open 1 full turn from closed -
Hatori pipe and header -
Piston shows vertical wear marks -
Bearings are not silky smooth after storage for a decade but certainly not gritty -
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the 45 is a lovely engine...i useda small 10x6 on mine...might try the 11x7 recc. prop nest time i fire her up

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