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FIVESQUARE 12-16-2001 08:54 PM

Hb or HP 4/stroke??
Anyone ever heard of the HB or HP 4/s
What sizes do the come in??
It sounds like a rotory when runniung.
The glow plug is on the side of the cylinder.
Thanks in Advance

Taildrager-inactive 12-17-2001 11:47 AM

HP engines
mecoa makes a rotary valve 4 stroke engine, do not know what size though, as ther web site didn't list sizes.

turbo-RCU 12-17-2001 06:30 PM

HP 4-strokes
HP makes a .21 and a .49 4 stroke. I think there are two types of each one available. It seems there is a BB and plain bushing valve option. RJL/ Mecoa has production rights. They are older designs, very quite, but down in the power dept.( by todays standards). HP is a high quality 2 stroke and I' sure the 4c follow suit.


Hobbsy 12-17-2001 10:43 PM

HP .49
The .49 has substantially more power than it did originally, Mr. RJL tightened up the tolerances, raised the compression and I think opened up the intake port a little. Turbo was right about the rotary valve, you can get it with a bronze bushing or bearing, don't know if it is ball or tapered roller.

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