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WWI Fly-In Proposal

Old 02-08-2003, 09:56 AM
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Default WWI Fly-In Proposal

Are you interested in early aviation and WWI aircraft? Would you like to participate in a fly-in catering to these model types? I and a few people that I have spoken with this past year in/around south central Indiana are.... and we would if one were available!
Apparently early bird and WWI enthusiasts are allotted in quantities of 2 or 3 persons per club --- or so it seems. Wouldn't it be great to get together a couple of times a year and savor a whole model airfield full of fabric covered wings, flying wires and round engines! Early birds and the "Dawn Patrol", flying scale models in exactly the way the designers had intended. Mission oriented flying at its best. Those magnificent men and their flying machines! Can you imagine all of that? What a picture! It could happen. It is within our grasp!

1) An annual fly-in for scale aircraft, early birds through World War I, in central Indiana.
2) At the local level, enthusiasts join together and visit club to club every 3 or 4 weeks, emphasizing and flying vintage and WWI type airplanes (any scale, any size welcome, from park flyers to 1/3 scale)). An unofficial sort of WWI fly-in.
3) On the individual front - since you like vintage aircraft and probably are flying some already - I encourage/challenge you to build a 1/3 scale vintage or war bird, WWI style. Big birds fly so very much better.
4) Learn about mission oriented flying. If it is pre-war, display its delicate and graceful flight. If it is a bomber, fly bombing
runs. If it is a single seat fighter, then dog fight with it! This type of flying is extremely rewarding to the pilot and very
enjoyable for spectators, too! Scale flying without the contest jitters. What a treat!

In a nutshell, here it is. If you are interested, then get with your friends and acquaintences who are like-minded. Visit at one another's flying fields every 2 - 4 weeks or so and generate some local interest. You will find more WWI enthusiasts in your area than you thought existed in the whole region. These actions and events would accur during 2003. Keep me informed by e-mail and hopefully toward the end of the flying season we can find a spot with the most interest and the best field and kick off our inaugural annual WWI Fly-In. This would continue and grow during 2004. Also during 2004 a few 1/3 scale birds should begin appearing. The second annual fly-in would be held. It might even be at a different location, it will be a rousing success! In 2005 - I can see it now - the 3rd Annual Fly-In, WWI style with 20 or more 1/3 scale planes. Oh Man! It just keeps getting better.

My name is Art Shelton and I live in Shelbyville, Indiana. My associates and I would very much like to see this happen. I volunteered locally to send out some information, so I guess I am the guy who will keep track of individual and club responses. If you are so inclined, I will compile a list of large scale planes which are under construction. I am currently flying a quarter scale Sopwith Pup and have a 1/5 scale Eindecker E-III almost ready to fly. Both are Balsa USA kits and are ppowered by G-23 gas burners. A 1/3 scale Fokker Eindecker E-I is my large scale project. The anticipated completion date is the 2003 flying season.

Best Regards,

Art Shelton
2172 N Riley Hwy
Shelbyville, Indiana 46176
[email protected]
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Default WWI Fly-In Proposal


You might consider contacting the folks who run the WW1 Jamboree in Rhinebeck, NY each year. They may be able to provide some help. They've been doing it quite awhile (~30 years).

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Default WWI Fly-In Proposal

The Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH has a WWI "Dawn Patrol" Fly-in in September. They have full-size as well as R/C aircraft. That could serve as a starting point for your idea as there are sure to be plenty of WWI flight enthusiasts there. I'm planning on attending this fall and will bring my 1/4 scale Nieuport 28. Should be a fun time.
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Default WWI Fly-In Proposal


I agree with you, and in fact I just sent in my registration form for the WWI Dawn Patrol Rendezvous in Dayton! I'm brining my Eindecker and a buddy of mine is bringing his DrI.

See you there! If you're interested in flying with us at other times this summer, please send me your e-mail address to [email protected] I'll put you on the distribution list. Let me know what club you belong to and when events are happening in your area, too.


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Default WWI Fly-In Proposal

Hard to beat Rhinebeck!

One of the "Top 10" fall vacation destinations....full size demos of period aircraft AND a "golden era" model event? Wow...doesn't get much better.

The models will bring tears to your eyes...the craftsmanship is THAT good....

Check out the Mid-Hudson R/C club website. (Poughkeepsie, NY) They host the event.

Worth the trip from anywhere.

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