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MRC single channel

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Default RE: MRC single channel

Thanks for the quick reply Tommy. My operating system seems to be somewhat different in that the relay in the receiver operated the coil in the escapement which released the rubberband powered pawls on the operating arm which caused the torque rod to move the rudder. (whew). All from a single 2 cell battery pack. I see yours required a seperate battery pack to operate the servos, Well they are almost servos; perhaps I could install a booster battery in the system to assure proper voltage to the escapement?
I do want to try the system in it's entirety which means I'll have to endure whatever the radio gods throw at me.
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Originally Posted by gene6029
My first radio was an MRC single channel escapement system. The transmitter wasnt any larger than a transistor radio. If i remember it was light blue in color with a single push button in the middle. I would kill to get one today, heck i would be happy to just see a picture of one. Any body other than me ever seen , or had one? I cut grass all summer long to buy it used off a guy at the local R/C field. It was on 27.145mhz. Dont know how i remember that. Wish i had it now.......Gene[&o]
I found your radio here: (add the initials for world wide web ahead of this followed by a period)

I got the light gray colored version in 26.995MC and it's only been used one time! I would have liked to have used it more but the airplane flew away the very first flight and became a lost victim to the Iowa corn fields in the 60's. Today I figured I'd see if I could find another receiver or a schematic to solder one together and ran across this site. I've still not found a schematic but I did find the manual and it states the receiver was a 4 transistor unit which should be easy enough to build if I can find the schematic.

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I also had mine in Iowa in the 60s and flew from a cow pasture. Like you, I only got one flight before the radio quit working. As noted above, I had it in a TF Schoolboy, which was much better than the radio. I did get mine back, but with no way to fix it, it was useless.

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