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Frank M Klenk 04-08-2007 03:54 PM

Do you have any Canadian Engines??
As time rolls on and my collection grows, I came to the conclusion I can't collect them all. I need a goal, or at least to "specialize" my collection. So I've decided to put together at the least, a collection of Canadian Engines. Not a small task either. I have a few already but not even close. So here is what I need, Ajax, Banshee, Canuck, Drimmie, Hurricane, Merlin, Monarch, Ram, Stratus, Queenbee and probably some I've missed too. If you have complete engines, parts, boxes or advertising, I'm interested. I can pay cash or I have engines to trade. Any help is appreciated and perhaps I can help you out with one of my trades. Thanks guys and happy collecting.

Frank Klenk
MAAC 32001
IMAC 3698
SAM 5032
MECA 4762-12

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