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Axe CP Gyro

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Default Axe CP Gyro

Can we use other gyros other than the futaba gy240 and 401 in our axe cp's? Anyone try any other brands that are much cheaper? Also, do most advanced or larger helicopters use these types of gyros? I thought the axe cp was was already supposed to come with a gyro built in? What's the point of having another gyro then? Thanks.
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Default RE: Axe CP Gyro

You can add another gyro to the Axe, but you will only be using ONE or the other, not both. The stock Axe gyro is built into the 3 in 1 board. It is a rate gyro in that it opposes rotation in either direction. Let's say the Axe is pointing North. If it starts to rotate to the east, it will stop the rotation and it may end up pointing North East. You have to add input to put it back to North. A Heading Hold gyro will stop the rotation and then bring the nose back to where it started. So, the farther from the desired heading, it increases the singal for the correction or, the tail motor will spin faster the farther the nose is to the left of intended direction. Basically, you get what you pay for.

I'm runnning an E-flite G90 Heading Hold gyro. The original 3 in 1 is gone. The brushless motor has it own speed control. Then, the G90 is connected to channel 4 which goes to the tail motor's speed control. Its working good so far. I recommend using the stock gyro until you want to go inverted. You need to learn to control the tail anyway.
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Default RE: Axe CP Gyro

Now that's an interesting perspective, I recall one member here saying he felt the twitchy Axe tail slowed down his learning. I'm coming to grips with the finicky tail myself......I feel like it's actually been pretty manageable, until I got into hovering at a greater distance, and fast forward flight. For most of my flying I don't think I'd want the thing in heading mode all the time, but a nice stable gyro on a conventional tail setup would be much more pleasant to fly, and probably help avoid some tense moments.

I suspect my plank experience (in which I use a lot of quite a bit of Cub time, and I use rudder constantly with my Tiger to really shape the maneuvers) helps me deal with the tail a little better, so I can't really say it's "hindering" me, but the belt mod is something I'm considering. But only if I don't decide to just retire the Axe after a while and move up to something better in the near future (the Blade 400 is looking awfully nice....).

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