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TATIG 08-31-2014 12:18 AM

CS-3X1000 and CX-3X2000

I just bought a new Spektrum DX8. I used to have a DX7 (I still got it).

I have a couple of CX450BA (Black Angel), I bought the second one to make an AIRWOLFE scale. On both CX450BA I am using ORANGE RX7 and RX6. Both are Flybarless and using the CX-3X1000(v1.0) and CX-3X2000 (v2.4) gyros. I had the one with the CX-3X1000 setup in the DX7, while the other with the CX-3X2000 in the DX8.

I follow all of the instructions in the Gyros, before I start, and setup the recommended EXPO, GYRO, ENDPOINTS to 100% all, ZERO out all trims/Sub-trims. As a matter of fact I start up with a new model so everything is ZERO out. I inhibit all switches, except the GYRO. Finally I set the SWASH to 1 Servo for FBL.

The heli in the DX7 is functioning and it is smooth as. Once I change it to the DX8, I start getting problems. The FBL Software is easily setup for the DX7, while in the DX8 I am having problems with the AILE and ELEV. I am able to set the directions correctly with the DX8 and the software. For trimming is the same, I am able to Sub-Trim each stick appropriately. Here is the problem, setting the endpoints, I am able to set the endpoints for the RUDDER and the PITCH, for example I set the Sub-Trim in around 106% to 109% on each side, and it will increase the endpoints in the software to 100% on the dot. For the AILE and ELEV is the problem. When I try to increase the endpoints in the DX8, both sticks stay put at 94% and will not move up, even if I increase the endpoint to 150%. So I decided to keep them at 100% for the ELEV and AILE.

Once I test it on the bench, there are no vibration neither binding. It looks as smooth as silk. As soon as I put it on the concrete and try to lift (about 52% throttle), the heli goes to one side and hits the tips of the blades, I have gone through four sets now, 1 Gear, 1 shaft and 1 tail shaft.

The CX-3X1000 in the DX7 has no issues, it hovers right away. I will be setting up the CX-3X2000 in the DX7, and most likely it will work, But I just bought the DX8 becuase I wanted more channels and for the future when I move to DSMX.

Do you guys have any clue on this? Is it the GYRO, the TX...???

TATIG 10-07-2014 01:38 PM

Problem solved... Nothing to do with the DX8, nothing to do with the Orange RXc(as recommended by Horizon)... it was in fact that the manual describes the position of the CX-3x2000 on the left side up-side-up with cables running towards the boom... when looking closely to the software v2.4, it is hard to see, but the cables are towards the front... once changed, the heli was hovering without a hitch... Thank you...

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