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Hitec digital servos, and two questions on using them...

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Default Hitec digital servos, and two questions on using them...

Dear Brendan Lugo or Mike Mayberry:

The PIPE I'm hoping to return to RC flying even while I'm unemployed (been out of work since September 2008) at a "minimal" level with just two aircraft, a Telemaster 40 kit I'll be starting to build in the autumn of 2010, and a short bit later with a new version of a favorite old scratchbuilt B├╝cker Jungmeister of mine, broadly based on the planset that's still available from RCM Plans at , I'm going to be using only Hitec brand servos in my usual need for "mixed breed" style of RC system component "sourcing", as I build all my own "knobby" single-stick Tx-es (and have done so since 1977) that I've got to fly with, with separately sourced receivers and servos, and built-by-myself NiMH battery packs to power them with.

My main pair of questions with this posting concerns firstly, how "universally programmable" are the entire line of Hitec digital servos with (a) the computer-connected HPP-21+ programmer shown at , versus the (b) "full-blown standalone", and considerably more expensive, HFP-20 programmer at ? I've heard that some of the digital servos in the Hitec line may not be programmable at all with the less expensive HPP-21+ unit, and that the HFP-20 would be needed instead for those (if at all), and at price points of around $50.00 for the HPP-21+, versus the $120.00 cost for the HFP-20, would I really need to get the more expensive HFP-20, over the HPP-21+, to cover the entire line of produced and future Hitec digital servo line, to insure I had a programmer that could easily handle them?

My second question comes from a post I wrote up yesterday here at RCU, specifically at in time, I'm hoping to build up myself a second pair of "knobby" RC radios, with the second pair being built exclusively for use on the 2.4 GHz SpredSpec band, using Futaba's FASST technology, with a TM-8 FASST RF module in the "knobby boxes", and a Futaba R6008HS receiver in the RC aircraft I'm flying. I was asking one Mr. Baxter in that forum about using Hitec's digital servos with the R6008HS Futaba FASST receiver, and taking advantage of that particular Futaba 2.4 GHz reciever's "high speed" mode, which apparently lowers servo latency time all the way down to a 7 mS timeframe, and requires that digital servos be used on the six "high-speed-capable" servo outputs the R6008HS provides. Mr. Baxter advised me to ask Hitec themselves, to find out if they've had any experience in using their own digital servos with Futaba's receivers..., I'm asking as my second question, has Hitec tried out the R6008HS Futaba FASST reciever's six provided "high-speed" mode servo outputs with any of Hitec's growing line of digital servos before, and what was their experience with using that combination ?

I'm hoping for an answer to both of these questions...please?

Thanks in advance, and Yours Sincerely,

The PIPE.. !!

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