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Gungadin 11-29-2015 09:14 AM

Flash 8 switches
The described features for the new Flash 8 radio says that it has 5 three position switches and 2 two position switches. Is this a typo error or is it really true ? If it's true, it would be unusual but very nice indeed. :confused:

Gungadin 11-30-2015 01:35 PM

Brendan, Mike ? Anyone out there can confirm my querry ? :D

Xpress 12-01-2015 10:37 AM

It has five, 3 position switches and two, 2 position switches, as well as a spring loaded trainer-style switch.

Gungadin 12-01-2015 11:12 AM

Wow, that is very nice ! Never used to get so many 3 position switches with a radio in this price range even a few years ago. Good job Hitec ! Thanks for your reply. :cool:

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