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xs broke again

Old 01-27-2014, 12:59 AM
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Unhappy xs broke again

ordered and installed the HPI cvd shafts for front and rears...completely snapped my right rear in half this just bad luck or are these hpi hop ups just junk? should i look into goin with another brand/manufacturer? if so any ideas? like integy or hot racing? i just cant believe im having this many problems with this thing after only owning it for a month! i aint bashing it any harder then any of the videos you see people doin on youtube with the truck straight out of the box so what gives? i upgraded my tires to proline trenchers thinkin better traction bigger tires for possibly more cushioning on hard lands but still just problems. also has anyone had issues with there damn tires just falling off while driving/bashing? it happened to me 3 times in the past 3 days all diff wheels on the truck. the first 2 the damn hub pins were snapped into pieces and the 3 the damn thing just clearly fell off. someone please help me to get this damn thing running for longer then 2 days and being broke for a week i put way to just money into the truck already with hop ups to just trash it and get something diff. its an awesome little truck but damn...all i was doin was driving in circles in the grass popping some wheelies and on the last turn you just heard something snap took it inside to where i could see and saw the damage to the cvd...maybe someone can help im going to list off the hop ups i have on it and maybe someone can point me in a good direction.

aluminum steering hubs Front and Rear along with the C channels on the front
aluminum shocks/shock towers
aluminum steering bell crank
hpi cvd front and rear
proline trencher tires
stock motor and esc
running 2s venom lipo 5000mah 40c

i was thinking to maybe loosen up the slipper clutch by about a half turn to see about taking some of the torque away and dropping down to a 26 tooth pinion. but i hate to go lower! i want bigger badder and faster for this little truck...someone please help give me some ideas on how to keep this thing running and keep it from breaking!
Old 01-28-2014, 01:58 AM
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The bigger the tires, usually the more heavy they are. Running heavy tires result in more stress on the whole driveline i.e the motor and parts involved in turning the wheels need to work harder than before. It is required/smart to actaully lower the gearing when running larger diameter or heavier tires than previously in order to reduce the stress on the driveline.

If you don't know, larger tires theoretically also result in higher speeds so lowering the gearing may NOT make the truck much slower, if at all.

Upload some pics of your car where things have gone wrong, sometimes it's easier to help.

Not sure if your wheel nuts are with plastic threading on the inside. If so, then after you have removed them once, they are NOT the best to use again as the plastic get's chewed. Consider getting nuts with no plastic threading and use loctite instead to keep them on. Also, make sure you tighten them, but not too much and also that the wheels are straight on - if skew you often get broken parts flying around.

If you like to press the trigger so it almost comes out the backside, then don't loosen the slipper too much, you'll then just burn the pad and/or spur (if plastic).

It sounds like you are a bit of a beginner (no bad vibes from me) and I would suggest you check out SavageJunky on the tube. He's got some cool tips for flying with the big brother Flux HP - however the same principles apply and you may not f*ck up your car so often if it is driven the right way.

Chin up dude - you've got a cool truck and you'll soon get the hang of it.
Old 01-28-2014, 07:22 PM
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Broken RC's is the name of the game, especially with savages. Not because they are weak, rather the opposite, but because we always want to push it to the limit. Whether its our limit in skills or the trucks limit to taking big hits, its the only way to keep the adrenaline flowing. You WILL spend as much time fixing your truck as you spend driving it, there's no way around it. Either get used to it and learn to enjoy it or change hobbies. I know at first its more of a chore than anything else but once you know your truck inside out you'll be able to diagnose problems without even removing one screw. And that makes fixing it very easy. If you're enjoying yourself then stick to it, it will pay off in the end.

When in doubt, check in with us. Whether its for help diagnosing a problem or advice on upgrades. We can help you to avoid expensive unnecessary "bling" upgrades as we call it and even sometimes offer ideas outside of the box that are better than anything you could buy that is purpose made. Yes it is kind of slow around here lately but the few that still log in are very competent. Just be patient and you'll get your answer. At least you found this place before you dropped 900$ in bling upgrades like I've seen many times and did myself back in 2005.

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I ran my XS stock when I had it for the whole time I had it. Only upgrades were Pro-Line Badlands and rims. Just because you watch all these videos of people beating the hell out of their trucks, doesn't mean they are indestructible. Something so simple as landing 5 degrees off will break something. This is a strong truck, but it all depends on how you land, and how parts are stressed when landing odd. As far as wheels go, make sure the hexes are seated right, and tighten them down. I never had the wheels falling off, even after running 4 packs thru it back to back. I never had CVD's either, just stock driveline components. If you are driving outside and it's really cold, that will make parts brittle. The problems you are describing I have never heard of others having. Maybe HPI is making them a little cheaper quality anymore. They were a huge hit when they first cane out, but I don't see much on them anymore.
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So my XS started having a jerky start under low throttle starts. (See the video below) It only does it under low throttle starts like the motor is "cogging" or something. I don't believe it is grinding gears but it does sound like it... Any ideas? Motor going out? Bad ESC? Normal??


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