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jnutta6 01-23-2014 12:42 AM

savage xs steering servo issues
so i just recently bought my first RC car ever 3 weeks ago and ended up getting the savage xs flux so needless to say im a noob when it comes to this RC stuff, out of the box this thing was awesome so much fun and fast as can be running off a VENOM 2s 5000 40c lipo. started getting a little hard on the bashing ended up breaking my rear shock mount about 2 weeks ago replaced it with the spare from the parts the truck came with and very next day same thing. so i decided wat the heck start putting hopups on it. so started with all aluminum shocks, aluminum shock towers, aluminum front and rear steering knuckle hubs and as well as the c chanels on the front. so i figured ehh why not upgrade to the aluminum steering bellcrank linkage...got all the parts at the same time took my time putting everything on and striping out screws like im sure your figured a new guy would do. well ever since i changed all these parts i have went through 3 steering servos and cant figure out why. burnt out the stock one like the 2nd day of driving and friend of mine gave me a spare servo he had for his traxxas slash. put that thing on and that thing lasted a whole 5 minutes and destroyed that one. so i went to my local hobby shop and order the hpi SF-50WP Servo Waterproof/12.0kg-cm6.0V HPI105366 last week which i will pick up in 2 days but i wanted to drive the truck again so had also bought one of theres they had instock which was a JRSPORT nothing fancy it was only $17 just wanted something to hold me off till the new hpi servo came in. installed the JRSPORT saturday and the truck ran and turned like it did when i took it out of the box not one issue besides the stupid front upper arms popping off or just falling apart on me all together besides that the truck ran fine. took it out tonight and burned through the steering servo again in 5 mins.

can anyone please give me some info if you can think of anything as to why this keeps happening? i dont want to put this $70 hpi servo on and burn it out within 5 mins. ive looked over everything for correct installation everytime and everything seems top notch my buddy (who's been doin this RC thing for years) even looked it over and said everything was installed correctly. so i dont know what could be wrong with it.

disassembled all 3 steering servos and everytime all there gears were in good shape so its something actually going bad in the servos itself i know its not a water issue because the stock is supposedly "waterproof" the second 2 were both JRSPORTS not waterproof but didnt see any water in the 3 days i may have had the truck working.

can someone please help me out and possibly spread some light on this issue before i through a $70 servo in the trash in a few days or do you just reccomend going back to the stock plastic steering bellcrank?

savage dust bunny 01-24-2014 06:33 AM

First off: welcome to the RC world, you've bought yourself a wicked little mini-beast :cool:

Not all alu upgrades are upgrades - eg shock towers I would keep stock coz if they break they break. Alu parts bend and bending them back into shape is not worth it. You need some weaker n cheaper points to absorb some of the impacts.

To your servo question. It may be that the new alu steering parts are binding somewhere. Try disconnect the servohorn and see if you can move the wheels in either direction (not either direction at the same time :p )without any binding. If there's any binding, you may have tightened some screw too much or a bearing may have been inadvertedly inserted skew.

If no binding, then it could be that you have not set your EPA (EndPointAdjustment)correctly on your radio. Not even sure if you have EPA. Anyway, EPA ensures that the servo stops trying to turn at a specified point. Usually you would center the wheels as best as possible before popping the servohorn on to the servo. When done, you may need to use the trim to center the wheels 99.99%. After this you then adjust the EPA by turning the wheels to one side and adjusting the EPA on the radio until the servo stops "working" or just begins to move the wheels back to center.

If you have no EPA on your radio, you may be burning servos coz they are trying to turn more than they physically can.

Finally, it could be that you are bashing the phuc out of your truck, with crappy landings and turned wheels at the same time, stressing the muthabeetch out of your servo resulting in el muerto de la servo.

Keep us posted, I'm for one, interested in hearing what's causing your grand servo demise.

jnutta6 01-27-2014 01:05 AM

well as of right now all i can say is i upgraded the servo to hpi's sf-50w. all metal geared and alot more torque over stock ive heard in numerous threads/youtube vids/ and other forums that the stock servo is just junk. so as of the one day i ran it (this past sat) it worked great no steering issues altho many others keep coming up. and i am deff looking to switchin the shock towers back to stock bc i just realized that i bent all shock mounting screws so yea...one thing after another ha...FML....

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