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nfp78 12-15-2016 02:28 PM

HPI Sprint

I'm new to this forum but my life in the R/C started quite a few years ago. My first car was a HPI Sprint (that I still have), then I went to 1/10th nitro for a while but decided to change to 1/5 (that's an awesome scale but it takes too much time). Life took some turns and I sold the 1/5 but now I'm thinking of, slowly, doing some upgrades to my HPI Sprint (not a Sprint 2, still the first one). I've read that it's hard to get original parts from HPI but that there's a lot of aftermarket ones from China (I'm living in the UK, don't know about customs and duty).
What do you sugest for me to do? I'm completely outdated regarding ESCs, batteries and motors. As soon I'll have some pics to put here I'll post them, that way you can see what I have but the idea is to do a long term project, not buying a new car http://www.rctech.net/forum/classic_...lies/smile.gif


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